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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
2996GROMACSFeatureNewNormalgmxapi execution modelEric Irrgang06/24/2019 02:16 PMGROMACS - 2020
2994GROMACSFeatureNewNormalData flow topology in gmxapi 202006/24/2019 01:53 PMGROMACS - 2020
2993GROMACSFeatureNewNormalScalar and structured type expression and definitions for APIEric Irrgang06/24/2019 01:25 PM
2992GROMACSTaskNewNormalSplit hw_opt in const user options and dynamic settings06/24/2019 12:41 PMGROMACS - 2020-beta1
2991GROMACSBugNewNormalCurrent git (since at least Feb): all molecules renumbered as "1" in _final_ GRO file output at end of a simulation06/24/2019 10:52 AM
2990GROMACSBugNewNormalARM neon SIMD4 error06/20/2019 04:08 PMGROMACS - 2020-beta1
2989GROMACSBugNewNormal(thread-) MPI setup hanging on bs_jetson_tk106/24/2019 12:36 PMGROMACS - 2020-infrastructure-stable
2988GROMACSTaskIn ProgressLowclean up and refactor code to modern standards06/20/2019 02:14 PMGROMACS - 2020
2987GROMACSBugNewNormalassess the bonded GPU task assignment default06/19/2019 06:02 PMGROMACS - 2020
2986GROMACSBugIn ProgressHighPost submit failing in two configurations06/24/2019 01:41 PMGROMACS - 2020-infrastructure-stable
2985GROMACSFeatureNewNormalPython package documentation06/19/2019 12:24 PMGROMACS - 2020
2984GROMACSFeatureNewNormalMore Extensive Selections ExamplesDallas Warren06/18/2019 11:50 PM
2983GROMACSTaskNewNormalbetter suited data-types for bonded GPU kernels06/20/2019 12:53 PM
2981GROMACSBugNewNormalsegfault in opencl build06/18/2019 03:30 AM
2980GROMACSBugNewNormaltaskassignment fails with unit tests when GPUs and custom number of ranks is used06/17/2019 05:28 PM
2979GROMACSTaskAcceptedNormalReconsider default 1 OpenMP thread per thread-MPI rankBerk Hess06/17/2019 01:28 PMGROMACS - 2020-beta1
2978GROMACSBugNewNormalSome suggestions about the gmx current tool06/13/2019 12:41 PM
2977GROMACSFeatureNewNormalprint DD load balancing improvement06/13/2019 10:56 AM
2976GROMACSTaskNewNormalBasic math for Multidimensional arrays06/13/2019 12:37 AMGROMACS - 2020
2975GROMACSFeatureNewNormalLJ PME calculations on GPUs06/12/2019 01:17 PM
2974GROMACSBugNewNormalposition-restraints regressiontest fails on intel GPU06/12/2019 01:24 PMGROMACS - 2019.4
2972GROMACSBugNewNormalsmall bug in anaeig when comparing two eigenvector files06/10/2019 10:22 PM
2971GROMACSTaskNewNormalRework TPR reading to allow reading of raw bytes from disk and communication of complete information at setup timePaul Bauer06/07/2019 02:27 AM
2967GROMACSFeatureNewNormalGPU reallocateDeviceBuffer improvements06/13/2019 02:41 PMGROMACS - 2020-beta1
2965GROMACSTaskNewNormalPerformance of GPU direct communications05/31/2019 03:12 PMGROMACS - 2020
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