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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
2647GROMACSBugNewNormalRemoving CGLO_TEMPERATURE flag in MD Setup leads to fatal error because of missing bonded interactions09/21/2018 12:37 AMGROMACS - 2019
2645GROMACSBugNewNormalSecurity09/21/2018 03:22 PM
2644GROMACSTaskNewNormalReplace compute_globalsMark Abraham09/17/2018 09:55 AMGROMACS - future
2643GROMACSFeatureNewLowmdp options and/or docs for anisotropic aspects of implementations09/12/2018 02:23 PM
2642GROMACSBugAcceptedNormalmdrun with SIMD triggers floating point exceptionsMark Abraham09/21/2018 05:18 PMGROMACS - 2019
2641GROMACSFeatureFeedback wantedNormalPossible l-bfgs improvementsDavid van der Spoel09/12/2018 10:59 PM
2640GROMACSBugResolvedHighcoul-lambda affects the pressure computation of a ligand with zero partial chargeBerk Hess09/11/2018 03:15 PMGROMACS - 2018.4
2637GROMACSBugNewHighgmx solvate tears apart molecules09/11/2018 07:43 PM
2636GROMACSBugResolvedLowDD code writes to terminals too muchMark Abraham09/11/2018 04:45 PMGROMACS - 2019
2635GROMACSBugFeedback wantedNormalFailing to detect GPUs should not write to terminalsMark Abraham09/12/2018 11:01 PMGROMACS - 2019
2634GROMACSBugAcceptedLowrerun function returns fault error on trajectory which passed gmx check09/05/2018 01:36 AMGROMACS - 2018.4
2632GROMACSBugNewLowcmake can define incorrect hwloc version with cross-compilation enabled09/01/2018 09:37 PMGROMACS - 2018.4
2630GROMACSTaskNewNormalgmxapi integration testing09/01/2018 04:33 PM
2629GROMACSTaskNewNormalstablise testing matrices for GROMACS 201909/04/2018 10:44 PMGROMACS - 2019-beta1
2628GROMACSBugFix uploadedNormalGMXRC removes trailing colon from existing MANPATH08/28/2018 03:13 PM
2626GROMACSFeatureFix uploadedNormalEnable outputting average pull forces (and positions)Magnus Lundborg08/23/2018 04:10 PMGROMACS - 2019
2625GROMACSBugFix uploadedNormalMovement of pull group COM atom of a large pull group can cause crashesMagnus Lundborg08/23/2018 11:27 AMGROMACS - 2019
2624GROMACSBugNewNormalGPU build system not robust enough09/05/2018 02:00 AM
2623GROMACSTaskNewNormalAllow extensible MDModules and forceProviders.08/22/2018 05:05 PM
2622GROMACSFeatureNewLowReduce severity of Berendsen warning08/23/2018 11:16 PMGROMACS - future
2621GROMACSTaskNewNormalFine-Grained API to Describe Force Calculation and Neighbourhood SearchPrashanth Kanduri08/22/2018 11:36 AMGROMACS - future
2620GROMACSFeatureNewNormalMD signaling API08/28/2018 07:10 PM
2616GROMACSTaskNewNormalModel for MD state09/14/2018 05:12 PM
2615GROMACSFeatureNewNormalSwitch to Python309/04/2018 08:02 PMGROMACS - 2019
2611GROMACSBugNewNormalissues with gpu_utils-test with GMX_BUILD_UNITTESTS=OFF and on OSX08/14/2018 07:03 PM
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