Bug #1052

g_hbond -dist -ang outputs

Added by Cara Kreck about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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There is a significant difference in the length distribution plots (-dist) produced by version 3.3.3 and all of the 4 family, including 4.5.5. This difference is really just a problem with the .xvg legends.

In 3.3.3 the distance distribution values were calculated for "Hydrogen - Acceptor Distance (nm)" and this description is still provided in the legend for 4.5.5, even though the values calculated now are actually "Donor - Acceptor Distance (nm)" and should be labelled as such. If you use -noda in 4.5.5 it will give you an identical distribution to 3.3.3.

Both versions also have the angle distribution plots (-ang) labelled wrongly with "Donor - Hydrogen - Acceptor Angle" instead of "Hydrogen - Donor - Acceptor Angle".

This obviously isn't an urgent issue, but an easily fixed one.

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Revision cb4a6904 (diff)
Added by Erik Marklund about 8 years ago

Fixed labelling of g_hbond plots

Hydrogen-bond angle and distance distribution plots are now correctly

This commit fixes #1052

Change-Id: Iadcc9c64b70de4a8c55b15d997b0c2ebd5a6db08


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I'm not sure if I somehow accidentally assigned David to this, or if it just happened automatically. I don't know how to un-assign him though.

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David is the default assignee for anything related to analysis tools. I have de-selected David and added Erik as a watcher for this issue in case he wants to address it. Target version reset for 4.6, as it may get fixed in the course of beta development, but I don't know what the official policies will be (bugs vs. features), especially since this is a rather trivial thing to get wrapped up.

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I'm on it.

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