Bug #1575

Eigenvalues not saved from gmx covar in GROMACS 5

Added by Steven Morgan about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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also 5.0
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When I issue the command gmx covar -f full.trr -s full.tpr -v -o -mwa (for eigenvalues), I get an empty eigenvalues.xvg. In GROMACS v4.5.5 I used to get the eigenvalues outputted, for the same data sets, same command (g_covar). It says it's writing the eigenvalues, but when I open the file there are no eigenvalues there, only the preamble for the xvg file, ending at @TYPE xy.

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Revision 0a27e96b (diff)
Added by Carsten Kutzner about 6 years ago

Fixed output of eigenvalues in g_covar. Fixes #1575

Commit 972032bfb8cd38 introduced a bug that would lead to eigenvalues
only written to .xvg file if "-last" is explicitly stated on the
command line. Otherwise no eigenvalues would appear in the .xvg file.
The eigenvalues are written in a loop from '0' to 'end', but since
'end' is initialized with '-1', the loop would never be executed.
This patch moves the code that computes 'end' one block upwards
before the output to file.

Change-Id: I738c9dd77ff9e6e2daae89b6d2063755dfba88af


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