Bug #1717

Broken error handling in function gmx_tmpnam

Added by Olivier Fisette almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

core library
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probably every version since 37b450f33
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The "gmx_tmpnam" function used for temporary file creation does error handling by comparing the file descriptor returned by the C library function "mkstemp" to some of the possible codes that are actually stored in the "errno" global variable. This will not catch any error, and will cause a spurious error when the file handle happens to have the same value as one of the error codes. I noticed this because it broke "gmx do_dssp" given some combination of compiler and Gromacs versions; "do_dssp" would then complain "Permission denied" when the file was actually created without problem.

IO error handling in C should generally be done by checking the validity of the file descriptor. The error code can then be used to provide an informative message. I attach a patch that fixes "gmx_tmpnam", but I have not checked if other functions are affected.

gmx_tmpnam-error-handling.patch (752 Bytes) gmx_tmpnam-error-handling.patch Olivier Fisette, 04/21/2015 12:57 PM

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Revision 95c7de01 (diff)
Added by Olivier Fisette over 4 years ago

Fix error handling in gmx_tmpnam

The return code of mkstemp was being mis-used for error handling.
This could explain some long-standing issues with (e.g.) DSSP
mysteriously not working even when the user had done everything right.

Fixes #1717

Change-Id: I72b385a751b99c3f49d99a14bfc6964ad776c22d


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Thanks, good catch! I uploaded your patch for code review at the above link.

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Issue fixed for 5.0.5, but improvements to windows support are suggested in the gerrit discussion.

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