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document jenkins configuration and set up means to track changes

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Both user-/developer-facing and internal documentation is lacking. Changes and tweaks are made regularly without documenting them. This can and did lead to inconsistencies (CUDA 6.5 configs went missing, AVX2 added to only release 5.0 not master, etc.), clutter (nobody knows which plugins is used and which one is not), and in general a slowly increasing level of disorganization.

I propose:

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Related to Support Platforms - Feature #1601: use Git for Jenkins ConfigNew09/21/2014


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The linked change (and changes leading up to that) provide my view on the direction where we should be taking this from a developer perspective. It does not contribute much to the Jenkins internal documentation (although I'm planning to update the description of the jobs affected, once the changes in Gerrit are merged).

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Once and its predecessors is merged (and I've had time to update the project descriptions in Jenkins after that), feedback is welcome on the developer-facing side of the documentation and uncrustify jobs, both on the documentation and on the actual behavior. I put a bit of effort to making those more user-/developer-friendly.

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Another batch of documentation updates are in and (and their predecessors). For now, you will need to build the documentation locally (with Sphinx 1.3+, with the webpage-sphinx target). I did not get any feedback for the previous set of changes; I'd be delighted to get some now...

Some Jenkins configuration is still in Jenkins only, but a significant fraction is now under admin/builds/ in the gromacs repo, and in the releng repo. This provides much better change tracking and possibility to discuss changes in Gerrot before they go into production. In particular, the configuration matrix is in admin/builds/pre-submit-matrix.txt.

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Szilárd Páll wrote:

I think we've gone quite far in both aspects. Is there anything that we should summarize here -- in particular remaining TODOs that we could put perhaps into a new, separate issue?

  • keeping track of the changes in jenkins (changelog?), it could be useful to keep some of the on-site non-versioned scripts in a repository
    that should always keep everybody informed about

I'd consider this partially resolved, AFAIU from Stefan, we are tracking Jenkins changes in an internal git repo but possibly, but I can't find docs of how this works and how can changes be tracked, rolled back, etc. Am I overlooking something?

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