Bug #1954

gmx order requires -nr input option even when the (default) -noradial option is selected

Added by Chris Neale about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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In addition to the fact that the -nr input should not be required with -noradial, the -nr input option is not explained at all in gmx order -h output. I had to go into the source code to get any idea of what this was:

{ efNDX, "-nr", NULL,  ffREAD },              /* index for radial axis calculation        */

Note that I did get the program to run simply by passing the same .ndx file to -n and -nr where without the -radial option turned on I presume that the input to -nr is not actually used to do anything.

There's a post on the list from March 2016 that highlights this issue, but I didn't see an answer:

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Revision 9f4f3141 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola about 4 years ago

Mark optional input/output files in gmx order

Mark files that are not always read, or which are not written if the
user does not ask for them, with ffOPTRD/ffOPTWR instead of using
ffREAD/ffWRITE. With changes in 5.1, files marked with ffREAD are
really mandatory, since we check already during command-line parsing
that the file actually exists (so that we can give a good error
message). This change also improves the understandability of the help.

Fixes #1954.

Change-Id: I6a991786b8cc48a61eedad9f855a93559bb8a5a0


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