Bug #1977

warning: __WORDSIZE not defined

Added by Patrick Welche over 3 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Cosmetics to make the -Wundef warning go away:

In file included from /usr/src/local/gromacs/src/gromacs/fileio/tngio.cpp:42:0:
/usr/src/local/gromacs/src/external/tng_io/include/tng/tng_io.h:327:6: warning: "__WORDSIZE" is not defined [-Wundef] # if __WORDSIZE == 64

This is slightly moot as PRId64 and friends are defined for me in inttypes.h which isn't from the GNU C Library.

To make the warning go away, one could wrap the __WORDSIZE testing code in (untested)
#if !defined(PRId64) || !defined(PRI...

However, that whole block probably won't work anyway because:

My headers do not define __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS, so tng_io.h goes on to test another non-standard macro, __WORDSIZE. The irony seems to be that if __WORDSIZE is defined on your system, you probably are running Linux, and therefore have PRId64 and friends defined already.

It reminds me of autoconf's AC_CHECK_SIZEOF([int *]) - presumably there is some sort of cmake equivalent if you really want to provide a fallback?
Or just #error ifndef PRId64 to verify this isn't a problem for anyone.


#1 Updated by Patrick Welche over 3 years ago

Had a quick look at:

and LONG_BIT / WORD_BIT. e.g., for me:

#define LONG_BIT 64
#define WORD_BIT 32

might be a drop in replacement for __WORDSIZE

#2 Updated by Patrick Welche over 3 years ago

Note change in logic || -> &&. Check this is what was actually meant...

Trivial portability fix attached.

#3 Updated by Mark Abraham over 3 years ago

We can't do that change because TNG is a project that compiles in C, and the C99 spec requires that such format specifier macros are only defined if requested. Merely changing to use WORD_BIT could work, though.

Most of the market for this code branch should be Windows. (What is your case, Patrick?) If so, then TNG could instead use and the problem goes away.

#4 Updated by Mark Abraham over 3 years ago

  • Target version set to 2016

#5 Updated by Mark Abraham about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback wanted

#6 Updated by Mark Abraham about 3 years ago

  • Target version deleted (2016)

#7 Updated by Erik Lindahl almost 2 years ago

For Gromacs-2019 (and hopefully the development branch soon after the upcoming 2018 release) we'll move TNG to C++, and then we'll fix this too.

#8 Updated by Mark Abraham over 1 year ago

  • Target version set to 2019

#9 Updated by Mark Abraham 12 months ago

  • Target version changed from 2019 to 2020

Not happening for 2019

#10 Updated by Patrick Welche 12 months ago

(I seem to be making mistakes these days so check...)

I just compiled 2018.3 successfully on the same (as in, 2 years of updates) system, and didn't see warnings. Looking back at this bug, I wonder why I hit those warnings, as the system did have /usr/include/inttypes.h. I am guessing that, incorrectly, USE_STD_INTTYPES_H wasn't set, and that after a34f8680173ed297635fbe360a62c972f1bd44dd it was.

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