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stop using cute abbreviations in help files

Added by Chris Neale over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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For example, gmx traj has the text "-[no]mol Index contains molecule numbers iso atom numbers" where I guess iso means instead of.

Hard enough for anyone to figure out if they have not encountered it before. Basically impossible for people less familiar with the english language. We should use full words that can be looked up in a dictionary wherever possible.

This text exists in 5.1.2 and also a recent git pull.

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Revision 043bc715 (diff)
Added by Berk Hess over 3 years ago

Replace iso by instead of

Replaced "iso" by "instead of" in all user-facing text.

Fixes #2202.

Change-Id: I126b5d06bb933d68c22faae3b8f39de38b704b78


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Agreed (I wasn't aware iso was used in user facing text).
I found "iso" also in gmx_hbond and gmx_cluster.
Are there more cute abbreviations?

#2 Updated by Justin Lemkul over 3 years ago

There is another in a fatal error about .hdb files:

gmxpreprocess/h_db.cpp: gmx_fatal(FARGS, "Error in hdb file %s:\nWrong number of control atoms (%d iso %d) on line:\n%s\n", fn, hack->nctl, ncontrol[hack->tp], line);

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Yes, a proper grep also gave that one.
I fixed them all now.

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