Feature #2308

Feature #2307: Implement MiMiC-based QM/MM functionality in GROMACS

Implement QM/MM updates in GROMACS preprocessor

Added by Viacheslav Bolnykh almost 2 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

preprocessing (pdb2gmx,grompp)
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In order to support the new QM/MM workflow developed within BioExcel (working name MiMiC) we need to implement new features in the preprocessor.

  1. Additional group to define QM/MM atoms (to avoid overlap with an old QM/MM code)
  2. New input file section mimic-grps of type string - to define the QM group
  3. Modifications of options in QMMM section: no (no QM/MM), yes (original QM/MM implementation), mimic (MiMiC QM/MM interface)
  4. Zeroing charges of QM atoms
  5. Update the intra-molecular exclusion lists
  6. Replace bonds between QM atoms with CONNBOND
  7. Add tests for the new functionality

Associated revisions

Revision 61e7a6a1 (diff)
Added by Viacheslav Bolnykh 11 months ago

Implemented changes to preprocessor to work with MiMiC QM/MM

Added new integrator "mimic" and updated usage of QMMM-grps to be used
with MiMiC QM/MM. Updated code zeros charges within QM region and
changes bonds to CONNBOND and updates exclusion lists to exclude
non-bonded interactions between quantum atoms

Refs #2308

Change-Id: I34e798ae0c54457dad8f9a8f220482468db34708


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