Feature #2587

Feature #2585: Infrastructure supporting external API

Provide Context (e.g. to runner code) to manage client and runtime environment

Added by Eric Irrgang over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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gmxapi milestone 5 as described in #2585


Instead of relying on a global variable for ProgramContext, explicitly require client code to pass a context object to library code. This allows a context to be configured differently depending on the use case of the client code, as well as to capture details of the computing environment that could be better abstracted.

This issue covers restructuring of GROMACS to support an expanded role of client-managed “context”. Specific enhancements are deferred to downstream issues to be linked from here.

Near term goals of the expanded role for the Context include
  • Support run-time extensibility of MD code, such as by providing a source of factory functions from which MD module implementation code can be retrieved.
  • ownership of highest level communicator(s) and source of simulation-level communicators
  • Translation of ANSI C signals to GROMACS signalling facilities
  • Handling of logging and status messaging
Longer term goals include
  • Negotiating allocation of computing resources
  • I/O abstractions and filesystem-decoupling
  • Interfaces for workflow-level check-pointing


This issue requires that code like gmx::Mdrunner (and the call stack below) receive the context from the client code. A context implementation should not require global variables, and as much as possible globals should be removed from the current ProgramContext.

Provisions for runtime extensibility:

  • Library-facing Context interface provides factory functions for, e.g.
    - MDModules
    - Communications
    - Logger
    - Messenger
    - Reference data
    - I/O
  • Simple C API allows registering resource providers named in simple hierarchical schema.

Related issues

Blocked by GROMACS - Feature #2605: Library access to MD runnerClosed

Associated revisions

Revision f3ff9147 (diff)
Added by Eric Irrgang over 2 years ago

Move mdrun mainFunction to client code.

supports gmxapi milestone 4, described at #2605

API clients need to be able to initialize and run MD simulations with
calls from separate code blocks or even translation units. Also, we
need clear distinctions between a pre-launch master Mdrunner and the
non-master Mdrunner threads.

In this change:

  • Insert a Builder on which to develop the distinction between user
    interface and implementation code. User interface is handled in
    Director code, while the Builder and code further down the mdrun call
    stack should be user interface agnostic (i.e. not CLI-centric).
  • Introduces a Context object to hold some resources. (see milestone 5
    and issue #2587)
  • Prepare for more stateful Mdrunner objects, documenting resources in
    need of clearer management, describing future use cases and possible
    implementation details.
  • Make Mdrunner non-copyable and not constructable by clients. Worker
    threads can initialize a new Mdrunner from the master instance with
  • Clarify parameter setting for spawned Mdrunner threads.
  • Begin to encapsulate filename options available to client code from
    the actual client code.
  • Remove extraneous variables `nfile` and `fnm`.

Later changes will:

  • Separate Mdrunner into Launcher and Worker at mdrunner() call so that
    tMPI runner does not look reentrant.
  • Hide data and clarify ownership / modernize memory management /
    clarify the subjects of the Builder `add` operations.
  • Clarify separation of user interface from API parameters.
  • Flesh out SimulationContext and related classes.

Refs #2605

Change-Id: I1db1d34b07ec0f8ba5f246ab763c74ad9eafe8f3

Revision 7a90bcdb (diff)
Added by Eric Irrgang over 2 years ago

Add gmxapi::Context.

The Context holds the details necessary to launch work in a given
environment. A runtime session is launched using the configured details
of a Context implementation and the object bindings configured by the
user (managed by the Context).

Part of a sequence of changes introducing gmxapi classes System,
Context, Session, and Workflow.

Supports gmxapi milestone 5

Refs: #2587

Change-Id: I75baed9b5c856f284bc2c2370ef284319e95f13e

Revision e39949c7 (diff)
Added by Mark Abraham over 1 year ago

Removed dependency on commrec of mdrun setup

Changes no functionality.

Setup is now parameterized directly on MPI_COMM_WORLD, which we will
want later for letting library-based callers pass in an
MPI_Communicator. This permits commrec to be initialized later, once
the threads have been spawned for the thread-MPI ranks.

The initialization of multi-simulations moves from LegacyMdrunOptions
to SimulationContext, which is more appropriate for
ensemble-parallelism established directly by the user.

Before the decision about the duty of a rank, there is no difference
between MASTER and SIMMASTER, so several calls to macros
taking a t_commrec pointer are replaced by booleans. Introduced
findIsSimulationMasterRank to compute that value. This eliminates
early use of t_commrec that has necessitated other hacks and

Removed redundant check for replica exchange when the number of multi
simulations is less than two, because gmx_multisim_t constructor
already prohibits that.

Resolves several TODO items and improves modularity, too.

Refs #2587, #2605, #3081

Change-Id: I48bd3b713bc181b5c1e4cbcd648706a9f00eab96


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For GROMACS 2019, we have a gmxapi::Context to manage the environment of client code, and a gmx::SimulationContext to manage the resources provided by the client to the gmx::Mdrunner. In GROMACS 2020, we will need to refine the client and library facets of these facilities, improve resource ownership semantics / encapsulation, add functionality, and more fully migrate to the new resource management scheme.

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