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Change ArrayRef iterator type from pointer to std::iterator

Added by Paul Bauer 15 days ago. Updated 13 days ago.

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Currently a number of coding bugs are possible when comparing iterators from ArrayRef to those from other std::containers, as ArrayRef::iterator is actual a pointer to the data in the container.
Changing the iterator type would avoid bugs where those iterators are compared to pointers or nullptr, but would add complexity to the code.
Another option would be using std::span for ArrayRef itself but this would either need to be natively implemented or imported from an existing implementation.

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Revision 8b901fad (diff)
Added by Roland Schulz 10 days ago

Remove EmptyArrayRef

Make it more aligned with std::span.
Almost everywhere it wasn't needed anyhow.
Only exception: ternary conditional operator. But there the type
was already explict in all but one case and that one case
(src/gromacs/domdec/distribute.cpp) was confusing because of
multiple implicit conversions.

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#1 Updated by Paul Bauer 14 days ago

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I think this is better described as a task

#2 Updated by Mark Abraham 14 days ago

My suggestion is that we fix the ArrayRef iterator (I think that is easy). Then we should get a c++14 std::span like thing into compat, or similar. I did have some WIP on gerrit for a c++11 span some time ago, but by now we'd do better to import a new one.

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#4 Updated by Roland Schulz 14 days ago

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Instead of importing a new std::span we probably should explore making span a simple 1D template alias of mdspan. If we don't discover any significant disadvantage this would avoid duplication.

#5 Updated by Roland Schulz 14 days ago

We need to fix this for begin/end for mdspan too (added here). Independent of whether we use mdspan for span or not.

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