Feature #3311

GPU infrastructure development

Added by Artem Zhmurov 2 months ago. Updated 15 days ago.

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General goal is to develop platform-agnostic infrastructure for CUDA and OpenCL with perspective expansion to other technologies (SYCL?).


Feature #2967: GPU reallocateDeviceBuffer improvementsNew
Task #3312: Data type for coordinates, xyzq data, LJ parameters data to use for GPU buffersIn ProgressArtem Zhmurov
Bug #3372: Re-enable RVec and float3 compatibility testsClosedArtem Zhmurov
Feature #3313: Introduce and use opaque types for the DeviceStream and DeviceContextAcceptedArtem Zhmurov
Task #3314: Platform agnostic DeviceStreamResolvedArtem Zhmurov
Task #3315: Platform agnostic DeviceContextResolvedArtem Zhmurov
Task #3316: Context and Stream managerAcceptedArtem Zhmurov
Task #3317: Improve testing of the GPU codeAcceptedArtem Zhmurov
Feature #3318: Use wrappers for the GPU buffer copy/allocationsIn ProgressArtem Zhmurov
Task #3319: Use DeviceBuffer instead of native GPU types in NBNXMIn ProgressArtem Zhmurov
Task #3320: Remove duplicating D2H/H2D wrappers in NBNXMIn ProgressArtem Zhmurov
Task #3321: Add D2D wrapperAcceptedArtem Zhmurov
Task #3322: Add reallocate(...) function that does not care about the contents of the bufferAcceptedArtem Zhmurov
Task #3323: Rework the StatePropagatorDataGpuIn ProgressArtem Zhmurov
Task #3324: Rework CMake handling of GPU codeNew

Related issues

Related to GROMACS - Task #2936: introduce check that CPU-GPU transfers/assignments are made between compatible typesNew

Associated revisions

Revision 6197aaed (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 2 months ago

Split and move the checkDeviceBuffer(...) function from PME

Resolving a TODO.

Also fixed the formatting in neighboring comment.

Refs. #3311.

Change-Id: I1687981cc80e2388714cbbb3113f37e34582e31c

Revision ca9c6942 (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov about 2 months ago

Make OpenCL DeviceVendor into enum class and move to GPU traits

The device context in OpenCL requires the information on vendor when
constructed. To prepare for opaque DeviceContext, the vendor
enum was moved into OpenCL traits.

Refs. #3311, needed for #3315.

Change-Id: Iec22ff17543b6a99407048de6e0cd82bb7218fb0

Revision e742ad10 (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov about 2 months ago

Move DeviceInfo into GPU traits

The DeviceInfo is needed upon construction of DeviceContext. To
prepare for opaque DeviceContext type, it is moved to GPU traits
and renamed according to the common naming scheme.

Refs. #3311, needed for #3315.

Change-Id: I2a9f1d932f142d645df75901521a734d208de509

Revision 84e5a0e6 (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 25 days ago

Use init(..) function to build DeviceContext

This patch unifies the logic of OpenCL context creation in PME and
NBNXM by using the same init(..) function for the DeviceContext

Also, the DeviceInfo is now de-referenced directly after the check
on the pointer validity and passed along as a const reference, which
improves the clarity of the code.

Refs. #3315, #3311.

Change-Id: I5ba0f530918f3340fa1a5ad3e8d60fe4e0967dab

Revision 6975fbfd (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 24 days ago

Take over management of OpenCL context from PME and NBNXM

This patch set creates the DeviceContext in runner and passes it to the
consumers (PME and NBNXM). This removes unnessesary management code
duplication, makes the device buffers in two modules compatible.

Fixes #2522
Fixes #3315
Refs #3311

Change-Id: I10358cfaced5b5c7dbdddf95679c9a9703f3a2c0

Revision 8eadec22 (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 22 days ago

Make DeviceStream into a class

Refs #3314
Refs #3311

Change-Id: Ic270864f0e82af63f91a91c9951bf678795680fa

Revision e3d904d0 (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 22 days ago

Use DeviceStream init(...) function to create streams

Change the stream creation procedures from direct calls to CUDA
and OpenCL API to using pre-defined init(...) method of the
DeviceStream class.

Refs #3314
Refs #3311

Change-Id: I96a0ca41f251b9925ef9bed77c4f355939b65c6d

Revision c26d93da (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 15 days ago

Small fixes to the DeviceStream

1. Fix compiler warning on having const modifier for bool in function declaration.
2. Fix comments.
3. Introduce isValid(...) method and use it inside the class.

Refs #3314
Refs #3311

Change-Id: I482aee831461f6b170c5fbf90f3f3e978282d226

Revision 99f4253d (diff)
Added by Artem Zhmurov 12 days ago

Introduce DeviceStreamManager

Make a separate object that will be handling the creation,
management and destruction of the GPU context and streams.
It is detached from the rest of the code in this patch,
but will be attached in the follow-up.

Refs #3316
Refs #3311

Change-Id: I2c59b930ac266d89fafe9e0172b83f07e9858f0b


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