Task #662

Reformat existing Doxygen comments

Added by Teemu Murtola about 10 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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At least thread_mpi and non-bonded kernels in the current source tree contain some Doxygen comments. These should be modified to produce documentation more in line with the new module structure, possibly after moving these components away from the src/gromacs/gmxlib/ directory. Also, some of the things that appear under the Related Pages section in the generated documentation are not linked to from anywhere else.

Related issues

Related to GROMACS - Task #638: Doxygen supportClosed01/08/2011
Related to GROMACS - Task #867: Update Doxygen documentation for C++ codeIn Progress
Related to GROMACS - Task #680: Add Doxygen documentation on the web pageClosed01/22/2011
Related to GROMACS - Task #1411: Future of thread_mpiNew

Associated revisions

Revision 9ecf2f43 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola over 9 years ago

Misc. Doxygen improvements.

- Excluded src/external/ from Doxygen documentation.
- Made inherited members appear in class documentation. Makes API
documentation easier to read if there are many public members
inherited from base classes.
- Added conditional sections for Doxygen that can be used in addition to
\internal and \libinternal.
- Consolidated use of \internal and \libinternal in file comments:
all installed (=public API) headers now produce some documentation for
the public API, even if the file only contains declarations that are
not directly in the public API.
- Added short file documentation for a few files where it was missing.

Gromacs wiki has also been updated with the changes.

Related to IssueIDs #638 and #662.

Change-Id: I9ffb9d68752697b5b58a3cc4ae45d802e32cf45c

Revision 37bd73c7 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola over 9 years ago

Doxygen updates for fatalerror module.

Also some other misc. fixes.

Related to IssueIDs #662.

Change-Id: I2ece5d9138413190eaa434e4d603e7b3b3b40995

Revision 3a09be42 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola over 9 years ago

Removed unnecessary information from user API docs.

There are likely other places where \if or \cond Doxygen constructs
would be useful, but this is a start. More can be added when
documentation is further updated.

Related to IssueIDs #638 and #662.

Change-Id: I64eeee0724abb5030825f39da96313ac45cdf10b


#1 Updated by Teemu Murtola almost 7 years ago

  • Related to Task #1411: Future of thread_mpi added

#2 Updated by Teemu Murtola almost 7 years ago

  • Project changed from Source code reorganization to GROMACS
  • Category set to documentation
  • Target version set to 5.x

The code has changed a lot, and it needs a second look whether there are stray doxygen comments and what needs to be done to clean up the documentation. 4.6 has removed some of the comments mentioned in the description, but has also added new ones.

#3 Updated by Rossen Apostolov over 6 years ago

  • Target version deleted (5.x)

#4 Updated by Teemu Murtola over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Target version set to 5.0

Most of the mentioned sections are no longer present or are not included in the generated documentation. The doc-check target checks at least the most obvious issues that produce messy documentation.

The original motivation for this issue is now resolved.

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