Bug #774

flag -mol in g_msd

Added by Florian Dommert about 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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The tool g_msd gives inconsistent results with the flag -mol. If the diffusion coefficient is calculated for a single molecule using a corresponding index file, the result differs from an analysis for the same molecule, but using the
flag -mol.

gmx_msd.mol.patch (592 Bytes) gmx_msd.mol.patch Patch for gmx_msd.c to reorder function calls in corr_loop Simon Butler, 07/27/2011 12:14 AM
gmx_msd.mem.patch (460 Bytes) gmx_msd.mem.patch Patch for gmx_msd.c to disable per-molecule MSD statistics and associated memory issues Simon Butler, 07/27/2011 12:14 AM

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Revision e030b3a4 (diff)
Added by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

Fix g_msd -mol

Fixes #774

Change-Id: I6fa564754bcbc898a5da6428729775c669cd72d2


#1 Updated by Simon Butler almost 9 years ago

I've just posted this to gmx-users but I guess it should probably go here too. My tests suggest these patches resolve both problems with the -mol flag.

Regarding the excessive memory usage of g_msd when using the mol flag, as reported recently, I believe I've identified the source of the problem: the array of per-molecule MSD data in curr->lsq. In particular, it appears that the call to gmx_stats_add_point on line 476 is the key offender.

I haven't the time at the moment to dig any further than this, unfortunately, but the attached patch (gmx_msd.mem.patch) may be of temporary use to users of g_msd. It merely comments out the call to gmx_stats_init and the printmol routine. If anybody wishes to retain the calculation of D for each individual molecule, they will need to recode the data accumulation in the style of that for the overall calculation I expect.

There is also the problem of the large difference in the calculated results when using the -mol flag, as reported by Florian. I think the cause of this is an error in the logic within the corr_loop routine. The original sequence is:

1. If first iteration, copy current frame to previous
2. If -mol, make molecules whole
3. Remove PBC jumps
4. If -mol, calculate molecule COMs and copy to xa array

I believe the correct order for this sequence should be 2, 4, 1, 3. The original order results in xa[prev] containing zero for every position on step 1 and also in the PBC step operating on an array that hasn't been repopulated yet, with the result that jumps are not removed correctly.

I've tested the new sequence for a single PF6 molecule and for the corresponding P atom (which is almost exactly at the COM) and obtained very nearly identical results for each (which wasn't the case previously). I've attached a separate patch to reorder these function calls (gmx_msd.mol.patch). Both patches are for the v4.5.4 copy of gmx_msd.c, by the way.

#2 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

Could you please upload these patches to

#3 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

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The memory issue is unrelated and you should open a separate issue for it. I uploaded the mol patch to .

#4 Updated by Rossen Apostolov over 6 years ago

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  • Affected version set to 4.5.1

It's been fixed by Roland's patch.

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