Task #827

Improve interfaces in analysisdata, selection and trajectoryanalysis modules

Added by Teemu Murtola over 9 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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There are several places in the code where C++ interfaces have been put up a bit in a haste to get a workable framework, and they could be improved significantly. At least the following would be good to improve:
  • Selection class in source:src/gromacs/selection/selection.h. Currently, this is a very thin wrapper around the original C structure from the selection library in 4.5. It's not used in that many places in the selection code, so it could be completely rewritten to make the interface more C++-like. Some underlying data structures can be hard to change without copying the contents, but it should be possible to wrap them without too much performance impact.
  • NeighborhoodSearch class in source:src/gromacs/trajectoryanalysis/nbsearch.h is also a very thin wrapper around original C code in source:src/gromacs/selection/nbsearch.h. It would be best to just convert the C code into C++, improving the interface in the process, and get rid of the wrapper. Would be good to add unit tests at the same time to make sure that the converted code works.
  • Several classes in source:src/gromacs/analysisdata/ give out raw (const) pointers to the data representation. To have more flexibility in the internal data representation, it would be better to use objects representing data frames. Best done after #823.
  • SelectionCollection class in source:src/gromacs/selection/selectioncollection.h has its "private" implementation class as a public member, which is ugly. Shouldn't be too hard to change, as the contents are mostly used in selection compilation and evaluation. The C++ interface could be pushed a bit further into the module by making the compilation and evaluation happen in classes that are friends of SelectionCollection.

At least the first should be done before #665 is started seriously, because most analysis tools will use the Selection class interface extensively.


Task #856: Improve public interface of gmx::SelectionClosedTeemu Murtola

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Related to GROMACS - Task #866: Improve analysis neighborhood search APIClosed01/25/2012
Blocks GROMACS - Task #665: Port existing trajectory analysis tools to use the new frameworkNew03/27/2012

Associated revisions

Revision c49fd4de (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola about 9 years ago

SelectionCollection::Impl is now properly private.

Added a simple SelectionCompiler class and made it friend of the
SelectionCollection class to be able to access the internals during
compilation. Wasn't accessed elsewhere outside SelectionCollection
except in the internal implementation of SelectionCollection, which
needed small changes.

Part of issue #827.

Change-Id: I1041f0aa4673236a256e88af0b8b823e28e87f56

Revision 4f86a317 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola about 9 years ago

Selection::_sel is now properly private.

Added a simple SelectionEvaluator class and made it friend of the
relevant classes. Also moved some functionality to the Selection class
from the compiler.

This is a first step in improving the Selection class and completely
removing gmx_ana_selection_t.

Part of issue #827.

Change-Id: I53a370361f897a0e736f58a886dd0e7de3cf71b9

Revision 75b4be30 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola about 9 years ago

Removed old gmx_ana_selection_t.

Moved variables previously held there to member variables of the
Selection class. Added private member functions to the Selection class
to remove direct member variable access from SelectionCompiler and
SelectionEvaluator. Makes it easier to restructure the Selection
implementation since access to the member variables is now (mostly)
limited to selection.cpp.

Part of issue #827.

Change-Id: I60b302409afc1f9535ddd7423a8c2f4f3799f72e

Revision 9f69942d (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola almost 9 years ago

Use frame objects in AnalysisDataModuleInterface.

Instead of passing raw pointers to the internal data in the public
interface, use wrapper objects where the individual values are accessed
through accessor methods. This makes it easier and more flexible to
change the internal data representation without any code changes in
classes implementing this interface (recompilation may be necessary
because of inlined functions, though). Similarly, it is easier to
add/change information that is passed through the interface without
touching existing code.

Also added some additional documentation for functors used in analysis
data unit tests.

Part of issue #827.

Change-Id: I08d5b9719c0a14040c3172de39c8620d870382af

Revision 920d5bf0 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola almost 9 years ago

Pass frame header also to frameFinished().

Frame header information is now passed also to frameFinished() in
AnalysisDataModuleInterface in addition to frameStarted(). Currently,
this information is not used anywhere, but it makes the interface more
symmetric, and allows frameFinished() to easily determine the frame
index of the frame that became ready. The latter will be used in future

Related to issue #827.

Change-Id: I8a3635823e2d9d6422d2a37ab4b8ec6b606589a0

Revision 4220bfdf (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola almost 9 years ago

Improve AbstractAnalysisData data access interface.

Access to stored data is now done through wrapper object instead of
retrieving raw pointers. Also refactored the implementation such that
the pure virtual methods that implement the actual data access are now
protected, and the public members are now simple non-virtual wrappers
that perform common checking and indexing.

Also removed support for negative data frame indexing. It is no longer
necessary because the data frame index is now passed to
AnalysisDataModuleInterface::pointsAdded(), so it's easy to compute the
absolute index of past frames, and additionally it didn't work properly
in parallelization schemes. Also removed possibility to access the
current frame from pointsAdded(), as it would just create complications
to allow access to an incomplete frame.

Part of issue #827.

Change-Id: If932c3f6b8394f8ceacc632fb9d87ec1933f56ca

Revision bff23abd (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola almost 9 years ago

Use separate class for data storage.

Moved storage implementation from AbstractAnalysisDataStored and
parallel storage implementation from AnalysisData to a common
AnalysisDataStorage helper class that is used through containment
and delegation instead of inheritance.

Makes the code more reusable in eventual implementation of
parallel-enabled analysis modules, moves implementation details away
from the public interface (AnalysisDataStorage now only needs to be
forward-declared in public headers), and clarifies responsibilities in
the code.

Support for multipoint data is still not very good (but not worse than
it was), but should now be easier to improve. In the future, it could
be considered whether to split the unit tests such that storage tests
test AnalysisDataStorage directly instead of through the AnalysisData
interface, but currently, these classes are quite tightly bound
together, so there is not much to gain from separate testing.

Related to issue #827.

Change-Id: I8c34a618893c770bff6d8216500d1061455bee89

Revision 63585be3 (diff)
Added by Teemu Murtola almost 9 years ago

Implement common analysis data value object.

Makes handling of analysis data values simpler and more uniform.
Mainly changed internal representation of the data values in the
analysisdata module, and added extra methods to access those directly
from the public interface in dataframe.h. It should be considered
whether old access methods (y(), dy(), present()) are needed any longer,
but this may wait.

Related to issue #827.

Change-Id: I4b12b4cd12de9a874e0ff4d3267ff779360a0f7a


#1 Updated by Teemu Murtola over 9 years ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#2 Updated by Teemu Murtola about 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • Assignee set to Teemu Murtola
  • Target version set to 5.0

Fix for the last (and by far easiest) point is now under review in gerrit. I'll try to consider the others as well.

#3 Updated by Teemu Murtola almost 9 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Feedback wanted

All issues except the second (nbsearch) have now fixes pushed for review in gerrit. I'll create a separate issue for the remaining task and close this one once the changes have been reviewed.

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Has been merged.

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