Bug #952

Add license file to cpack distribution

Added by Roland Schulz about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Currently when creating either a source or binary distribution with cpack using the TGZ generator, no license files are included.
This might be different for other generators.
A fix to this issue should also include the COPYING-OTHER added by

Target set for 4.6 and high because this has to be fixed before the release to comply with the licenses. I assume we are planning to use cpack for the release. It is possible for the 4.6 release to manually add the required licenses files if we don't want to fix the cpack configuration before then.

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Revision e9591558 (diff)
Added by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

Merge all License/COPYING files into one and install it

Installing is important for cpack binary packages (e.g. TGZ).

Also added Copyright of thread_mpi, blas, and lapack which
were missing.

Fixes #952

Change-Id: I06c54a08a493273f8e91333c4601f4fef945ad51


#1 Updated by Roland Schulz almost 8 years ago

As far as I see cpack only supports to have one license file (CPACK_RESOURCE_FILE_LICENSE). Is it OK to merge COPYING, COPYING-GPU, and COPYING-OTHER all into one file COPYING? Or do we want/need to keep those separate?

#2 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

Ping. Any comments? Do you agree we need it? If so are you OK with the suggested solution?

#3 Updated by Erik Lindahl over 7 years ago

No complaints = go ahead, at least from my p-o-v!

#4 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

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#5 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

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#6 Updated by Szilárd Páll over 7 years ago

Not directly releated, but a changelog of most important fixes (and features in case of major releases) would also be nice.

#7 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

Please make it a seperate a issue and assign it to Rossen.

#8 Updated by Roland Schulz over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Closed

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