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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
1343GROMACSBugClosedNormalvsiten particles are not integratedBerk Hess09/29/2013 03:53 PMGROMACS - 5.0
1272GROMACSBugClosedNormalEnergy minimization with domain decomposition crashesBerk Hess06/16/2015 11:50 PM
1249GROMACSBugClosedNormalno-PBC no-cutoff is broken with SIMD group kernels in 4.6.1Erik Lindahl03/04/2015 10:47 PMGROMACS - 4.6.x
1183GROMACSBugClosedNormalg_mindist -pi bug with triclinic boxesDavid van der Spoel12/16/2013 05:40 PMGROMACS - 4.5.7
1170GROMACSTaskNewNormalmdlib reorganization11/17/2016 03:47 PMGROMACS - future
1156GROMACSBugClosedNormalmdrun -nt > 1 crashes with old tprMichael Shirts12/16/2013 05:39 PMGROMACS - 4.6.1
972GROMACSBugClosedNormalg_hbond crashes with openmp and -acDavid van der Spoel11/11/2012 02:01 PMGROMACS - 4.5.6
901GROMACSBugClosedNormalDispersion correction incorrect with energy minimizationBerk Hess04/26/2012 08:27 PMGROMACS - 4.5.6
900GROMACSBugClosedHighcrash in OpenMP code.Berk Hess06/23/2012 06:46 PMGROMACS - 4.6
879GROMACSFeatureClosedLowNormal modes with vsites and/or shells does not workDavid van der Spoel07/11/2016 08:28 PMGROMACS - 2016
847GROMACSBugRejectedNormaltpbconv with index file can produce incorrect tpr files12/29/2012 12:18 AMGROMACS - 4.6
846GROMACSFeatureClosedLowWarning messages should be added to programs reducing the precision of coordinates/velocities etc.David van der Spoel07/11/2016 08:44 PM
743GROMACSBugClosedNormalAngular momentum removal incorrectDavid van der Spoel03/05/2012 11:27 AMGROMACS - 4.5.6
741GROMACSBugClosedNormaltpbconv can not read cpt fileBerk Hess06/29/2011 06:27 AM
720GROMACSFeatureAcceptedLowpermit pdb2gmx to choose a kind of HIS based on proton position11/17/2016 03:51 PMGROMACS - future
713GROMACSBugClosedNormalMD with polarization does not work in parallelDavid van der Spoel01/04/2012 01:21 PM
620GROMACSBugClosedNormalTotal dipole in energy files is incorrect12/28/2012 08:15 PMGROMACS - 4.6
608GROMACSBugClosedNormalMolecules with large charge groups give wrong neighborlistDavid van der Spoel11/02/2010 06:18 PMGROMACS - 4.0.7
579GROMACSBugClosedNormalnstcalcenergy = -1 leads to wrong pressureErik Lindahl10/05/2010 12:43 PMGROMACS - 4.5.1
564GROMACSBugClosedNormalg_dipoles has a memory holeDavid van der Spoel09/20/2010 01:51 PMGROMACS - 4.5.1
523GROMACSBugClosedNormalg_rms gives nonsense values when the number of atoms differs between tpr and xtcDavid van der Spoel08/31/2010 12:06 PMGROMACS - CVS
520GROMACSBugClosedNormalEditconf with index can not do other thingsDavid van der Spoel08/31/2010 10:42 AMGROMACS - CVS
440GROMACSBugClosedNormalDouble precision man pages are installed as program_d.1David van der Spoel09/01/2010 10:22 PMGROMACS - CVS
434GROMACSBugClosedNormalpdb2gmx opens all rtp filesErik Lindahl06/14/2010 03:42 PMGROMACS - CVS
274GROMACSBugClosedNormalCrashes in mdrun with DD code, not sequentialBerk Hess01/06/2009 03:35 PMGROMACS - 4.0_rc1
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