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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
1785GROMACSTaskNewLowno pV term written to energy file when pressure coupling is anisotropic07/26/2015 01:47 PMGROMACS - future
1758GROMACSTaskNewNormalVerlet scheme reorganization / modularizationMark Abraham07/20/2015 06:33 PMGROMACS - future
1770GROMACSBugNewNormalsegmentation fault with free energy changes and multiple GPU's07/14/2015 03:24 AM
1648GROMACSBugFeedback wantedNormalAtoms with zero LJ parameters but partial charges appear to cause crashes in free energy calculations when perturbed in the presence of other chargesMichael Shirts06/25/2015 06:07 AM
1456GROMACSTaskNewLowremove the use of nbat->alloc/free pointersSzilárd Páll06/20/2015 11:53 PM
1246GROMACSTaskNewNormalexpanded ensemble .tpr cannot be rerunMichael Shirts06/19/2015 01:56 PM
1235GROMACSBugNewNormalpeptide dihedral angle definitions violate IUPACDavid van der Spoel06/19/2015 12:24 AMGROMACS - future
1339GROMACSBugNewNormalCenter of mass drift with Nose-Hoover, MTTK and md-vvMichael Shirts06/18/2015 08:53 PMGROMACS - future
1635GROMACSFeatureNewNormalProper Unicode support06/18/2015 08:34 PM
1730GROMACSBugNewNormalgmx compare does not compare all fields of a .tpr06/12/2015 09:33 PMGROMACS - future
1641GROMACSFeatureNewNormalAdd toolchain file for Cray systems06/06/2015 11:24 PM
1437GROMACSFeatureNewNormalOnline help formatting improvements06/04/2015 09:20 PMGROMACS - future
1601Support PlatformsFeatureNewNormaluse Git for Jenkins Config05/24/2015 10:59 AM
1729GROMACSTaskNewNormalResolve whether and how to resolve "state" variables stored in .tpr05/13/2015 10:48 AMGROMACS - future
1688GROMACSFeatureNewLowg_cluster "middle" is not exactly the same as the definition in the cited paper04/01/2015 05:53 AM
1490GROMACSTaskNewNormalUsage of forward declarations vs typedef vs #includeMark Abraham01/21/2015 10:23 AM
1211GROMACSTaskNewLowimprove use of preprocessor macros in CUDA kernelsSzilárd Páll01/12/2015 06:42 PMGROMACS - future
986GROMACSTaskNewNormalHandling C++ out-of-memory errors12/24/2014 08:42 PMGROMACS - future
1655GROMACSBugNewNormalg_membed and box type12/09/2014 01:33 PM
1634GROMACSFeatureNewNormalBoxed Molecular Dynamics 11/04/2014 04:40 PM
1602GROMACSFeatureNewLowgmx order S per slice along all 3 axes09/22/2014 07:25 AM
837Support PlatformsTaskResolvedLowConsider subproject organization of the Gromacs project07/14/2014 12:07 PM
996GROMACSTaskNewNormalC++ MPI FrameworkRoland Schulz07/14/2014 11:53 AMGROMACS - future
909GROMACSTaskNewNormalReimplement displacement calculation module07/14/2014 11:30 AMGROMACS - future
665GROMACSTaskNewNormalPort existing trajectory analysis tools to use the new framework07/14/2014 11:29 AMGROMACS - future
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