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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
1919GROMACSBugAcceptedNormalstatic linking issues cause by hwloc support 10/12/2018 10:49 PMGROMACS - future
1880GROMACSBugFeedback wantedNormalPP-PME load balancing issueBerk Hess10/03/2018 09:45 PMGROMACS - future
1879GROMACSTaskIn ProgressLowmake the GROMACS OpenCL kernel work on Gallium11/30/2018 05:46 PMGROMACS - future
1876GROMACSTaskNewNormalReorganize vector input passed to core MD routines06/01/2016 01:59 PMGROMACS - future
1852GROMACSTaskNewNormalRemove group scheme04/03/2019 04:27 PMGROMACS - future
1839GROMACSBugAcceptedLowpdb2gmx: Failure to rename non-standard hydrogen atom names after generating missing hydrogens in pdb2gmx07/09/2016 07:27 PMGROMACS - future
1827GROMACSBugNewLowcmake multi-configuration generator support partly broken12/11/2017 05:20 PMGROMACS - future
1793GROMACSTaskNewNormalcleanup of integration loopMark Abraham10/31/2018 10:49 PMGROMACS - future
1785GROMACSTaskNewLowno pV term written to energy file when pressure coupling is anisotropic07/26/2015 01:47 PMGROMACS - future
1768GROMACSTaskNewNormaldecide future of command-line options vs env vars11/03/2016 05:51 PMGROMACS - future
1758GROMACSTaskNewNormalVerlet scheme reorganization / modularizationMark Abraham07/20/2015 06:33 PMGROMACS - future
1730GROMACSBugNewNormalgmx compare does not compare all fields of a .tpr06/12/2015 09:33 PMGROMACS - future
1729GROMACSTaskNewNormalResolve whether and how to resolve "state" variables stored in .tpr05/13/2015 10:48 AMGROMACS - future
1715GROMACSFeatureNewLowimprove cycle counting GPU sharing and multi-sim08/03/2016 12:32 PMGROMACS - future
1666GROMACSFeatureNewNormalnew approach for Verlet-scheme kernel generationErik Lindahl10/08/2018 07:04 PMGROMACS - future
1665GROMACSFeatureNewNormalimprove free energy non-bonded kernel performance09/19/2018 03:07 PMGROMACS - future
1625GROMACSFeatureNewNormalGromacs Python API03/02/2019 01:44 AMGROMACS - future
1518GROMACSFeatureNewLowEnable automatic build checking for newer versionsMark Abraham06/04/2014 04:13 PMGROMACS - future
1476GROMACSBugNewLowOdd behavior with verlet-buffer-drift 05/25/2016 01:45 AMGROMACS - future
1464GROMACSFeatureNewNormalimplement PP-PME re-balancingSzilárd Páll10/16/2015 08:34 AMGROMACS - future
1437GROMACSFeatureNewNormalOnline help formatting improvements06/04/2015 09:20 PMGROMACS - future
1411GROMACSTaskNewNormalFuture of thread_mpiMark Abraham02/26/2018 04:56 PMGROMACS - future
1397GROMACSFeatureNewNormalgmx eneconv -offset 1.998 -dt 2 is broken for large timesMark Abraham06/12/2014 01:31 AMGROMACS - future
1347GROMACSFeatureNewNormalfuture of tablesMark Abraham03/27/2019 05:24 PMGROMACS - future
1339GROMACSBugNewNormalCenter of mass drift with Nose-Hoover, MTTK and md-vvMichael Shirts06/18/2015 08:53 PMGROMACS - future
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