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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
1235 GROMACS Bug New Normal peptide dihedral angle definitions violate IUPAC David van der Spoel 06/19/2015 12:24 AM GROMACS - future
1354 GROMACS Bug New Normal Constant acceleration NEMD is broken. David van der Spoel 01/09/2019 04:42 PM
1667 GROMACS Bug New Normal gmx convert-tpr writes wrong number of mol in output tpr David van der Spoel 06/27/2016 08:29 PM
2544 GROMACS Bug New Normal gmx rmsf does not fix periodicity in reference structure David van der Spoel 08/21/2018 10:36 AM GROMACS - future
3384 GROMACS Bug New Normal Inconsisten labels in distance restraints can crash gmx disre David van der Spoel 02/17/2020 11:08 PM GROMACS - 2019.6
3066 GROMACS Bug New Normal Gauss transform and density fit classes should operate on real values instead of float Christian Blau 08/26/2019 11:53 AM
3284 GROMACS Bug New Normal gmx msd cannot output two xvg files as suggested by command line option Christian Blau 01/08/2020 04:50 PM GROMACS - 2021-infrastructure-stable
2192 GROMACS Bug Accepted Low grompp should read floats (e.g charge) from data files to double, to avoid accumulating round-off error Berk Hess 12/20/2019 12:11 PM GROMACS - 2021
1843 GROMACS Bug In Progress Normal pbc=xy with 2 walls floating point exception with the verlet scheme Berk Hess 10/31/2016 11:35 AM
1880 GROMACS Bug Feedback wanted Normal PP-PME load balancing issue Berk Hess 10/03/2018 09:45 PM GROMACS - future
2440 GROMACS Bug Accepted Normal Multidir simulations can stop at different times when using mdrun -maxh Berk Hess 02/21/2020 09:15 AM GROMACS - 2020.1
2553 GROMACS Bug Accepted Normal Incorrect COM velocity correction with frozen atoms Berk Hess 12/20/2019 12:22 PM GROMACS - 2020.1
2798 GROMACS Bug Feedback wanted Normal Default mpi rank number fails when there are 16 cores and 3 gpus Berk Hess 01/28/2020 02:42 PM GROMACS - 2020.1
3244 GROMACS Bug In Progress Normal center of mass motion removal with position restraints can lead to artifacts Berk Hess 12/27/2019 10:40 AM GROMACS - 2021
3334 GROMACS Bug New Normal Check for DD when increasing rlist is broken Berk Hess 01/23/2020 03:58 PM GROMACS - 2020.1
3336 GROMACS Bug Resolved Normal DD error can't be avoided with the suggested manual decomposition option Berk Hess 01/23/2020 05:50 PM GROMACS - 2020.1
3390 GROMACS Bug Resolved Normal mdrun allows multidir runs that share the state to start/continue with different initial steps Berk Hess 02/21/2020 05:37 PM GROMACS - 2020.1
3246 GROMACS Bug Accepted Normal GPU code misses settle error check, simulation crashes with segfault without any further output Artem Zhmurov 12/20/2019 09:52 AM GROMACS - 2021-infrastructure-stable
3372 GROMACS Bug Resolved Normal Re-enable RVec and float3 compatibility tests Artem Zhmurov 02/21/2020 10:15 AM GROMACS - 2021-refactoring
3159 GROMACS Bug Fix uploaded High eliminate regression due to moving gmx_pme_send_coordinates() Alan Gray 02/14/2020 11:31 AM GROMACS - 2020.1
1476 GROMACS Bug New Low Odd behavior with verlet-buffer-drift 05/25/2016 01:45 AM GROMACS - future
1568 GROMACS Bug New Low inconsistent/incorrect threading checks and reporting in mdrun 05/25/2016 02:01 AM
1827 GROMACS Bug New Low cmake multi-configuration generator support partly broken 12/11/2017 05:20 PM GROMACS - future
1839 GROMACS Bug Accepted Low pdb2gmx: Failure to rename non-standard hydrogen atom names after generating missing hydrogens in pdb2gmx 07/09/2016 07:27 PM GROMACS - future
1985 GROMACS Bug Fix uploaded Low CUDA build system refactoring awaiting review 12/20/2019 12:07 PM GROMACS - 2021
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