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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
2701GROMACSBugNewHighGMX Helix Segmentation FaultPaul Bauer10/17/2018 02:49 PM
2676GROMACSTaskIn ProgressHighmap bonded interaction list to nbnxn layoutBerk Hess10/13/2018 07:48 PMGROMACS - 2019-beta1
2675GROMACSTaskIn ProgressHighbonded CUDA offload task10/16/2018 04:18 PMGROMACS - 2019
2637GROMACSBugNewHighgmx solvate tears apart molecules09/11/2018 07:43 PM
2600GROMACSBugNewHighcoul-lambdas turns off all coulombic interactions in system instead of the molecule specificed in the couple-moltype08/07/2018 06:50 PM
2580GROMACSBugFeedback wantedHighsc-coul option yields different free energy estimate on a ligand with zero partial charge09/11/2018 08:10 AM
2573GROMACSBugNewHighDifferent mdp files describing the same change yield different free energy on the same trajectory07/19/2018 06:52 PM
2519GROMACSTaskNewHighImprove/remove PME OpenCL kernel barriers10/09/2018 03:19 AM
2453GROMACSTaskNewHighPME OpenCL porting effortAleksei Iupinov10/15/2018 05:14 PMGROMACS - 2019
2229GROMACSFeatureNewHighFull Object Oriented Modularization of GROMACS MDRUN CodebaseMark Abraham08/22/2018 05:03 PMGROMACS - future
2188TNG trajectory libraryFeatureResolvedHighMasses missing from TNG specificationMagnus Lundborg06/13/2017 05:08 PM
2099Support PlatformsFeatureNewHighsharing accounts/credentials12/06/2017 08:11 PM
2071GROMACSTaskIn ProgressHighLow accuracy default settings yield incorrect liquid densitiesBerk Hess01/05/2018 03:32 PM
2054GROMACSFeatureAcceptedHighPME on GPUAleksei Iupinov10/15/2018 05:14 PMGROMACS - 2019
1782GROMACSFeatureNewHighOpenCL runtime/compiler version should be reported in the log...04/04/2016 07:41 PMGROMACS - future
2704GROMACSBugFix uploadedNormalinvestigate change to log fileMark Abraham10/19/2018 09:55 PMGROMACS - 2019
2703GROMACSBugFix uploadedNormalconstraint and mass contributions missing from foreign Hamiltonian valuesBerk Hess10/18/2018 03:28 PMGROMACS - 2018.4
2702GROMACSBugNewNormalSuspected OpenCL (nvidia?) PME issue10/18/2018 12:19 PM
2699GROMACSTaskNewNormalTest POWER910/15/2018 05:29 PMGROMACS - 2019
2698GROMACSTaskNewNormalgmxapi documentation integration10/15/2018 04:16 PM
2697GROMACSTaskNewNormalimprove FFT library flavor/version reporting10/15/2018 12:35 PMGROMACS - 2019
2696GROMACSTaskNewNormalensure PME queue is flushedSzilárd Páll10/14/2018 10:09 PMGROMACS - 2019
2694GROMACSTaskIn ProgressNormalbonded CUDA kernels10/13/2018 07:43 PM
2693GROMACSBugNewNormalSeveral memory leaks in mdrun10/12/2018 04:16 PMGROMACS - 2019
2692GROMACSBugNewNormaldocs should not have unused filesPaul Bauer10/19/2018 10:30 AMGROMACS - 2019
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