Task #2178

Updated by Mark Abraham over 3 years ago

Considering suggested and which are fine on their own, but that procedure then forces every commit in master branch to rebase in order to pass Jenkins. This has happened before, and I have refrained from changing warning text because we have to do all this extra work. That's not good.

There are only a few kinds of distinct warnings (try @ls -l $(find * -name \*.warn) | sort -k 5 | less@ in regressiontests) so it will be fairly easy to port them to the GoogleTest framework:
* stop regressiontests generating warnings (e.g. for center of mass removal) that aren't part of the intent of the test
refactor warnings in grompp to do something like the new logging framework at Warning level
* use callGrompp on suitable inputs (e.g. including that a default mdp file does not trigger a warning)
* assert on the number of warnings, via a test-specific implementation of a logger
* perhaps assert on the text of the warning (if we think we need to)

To arrange to send warnings to the memory buffer, I suggest we