Bug #2810

Updated by Szilárd Páll almost 2 years ago

The consistency / support checks have not been correctly updated and when removing fermi support. Consequently, we removed Fermi support we support, but left no consistency checks that can detect the lack of support for an architecture. As mdrun in a result, useless state: it neither defaults to CPU nor does it emit a message that users can understand.

$ gmx mdrun -quiet -nb gpu -gpu_id 0

Program: gmx mdrun, version 2019-rc1-dev-20181217-eeda455
Source file: src/gromacs/gpu_utils/cudautils.cuh (line 347)
Function: void launchGpuKernel(void (*)(Args ...), const KernelLaunchConfig&, CommandEvent*, const char*, const std::array<void*, sizeof... (Args)>&) [with Args = {}; CommandEvent = void]

Internal error (bug):
GPU kernel (Dummy kernel) failed to launch: invalid device function

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