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Updated by Artem Zhmurov about 1 year ago

One of the most complicated problem to a programmer is to figure out how to name a variable, a function, a class or a method. Renaming afterwards can also be rather frustrating. To make the process of naming easier, below are the list of the common variables that anyone can encounter in code they are working at. We can add this list to developers documentation, once it will be filled.

Example Common variables
----------------- ----------------

* numAtoms -- total number of atoms in the system.
* numSomething -- total number of something.
* computeVirial -- whether or not virial should be computed.
* virialScaled -- walue of the scaled virial tensor.
* compute_dHdLambda -- whether or not free energy perturbation is being
* dHdLambda -- free energy perturbation value.
* numIterations -- number of iterations in LINCS projection correction.
* expansionOrder -- order of expansion used to compute inverse matrix in LINCS.