Task #2899

Updated by Mark Abraham 10 months ago

This meta tasks collects a set of smaller tasks related to infrastructures. These should be stable preferably at least a month before the beta release (for which we now have a target).

We will consider updating the supported versions other important things (e.g. clang, gcc, CUDA, cmake) that come out after the date of that target. However no such changes will happen before the first beta, and we will plan/discuss/review them with a higher focus on stability of the code and and its functionality. For example, we have previously patched released versions to support CUDA versions that came out during the final stages of (or after) our release cycle.

TODO list

Please add TODO items as you see new releases of things we test. Please discuss below if there's things we should start or stop doing.

* support clang 8 - Fix in gerrit
* update compilation matrix entries to clang 8 - fix in gerrit
* update ASAN/MSAN/TSAN matrix entries to clang 8 - fix in gerrit
* update to clang-tidy-8 - WIP
* update to clang-static-analyzer-8 - fix in gerrit
* support gcc 9 - fix in gerrit
* use clang-format - WIP, some progress in gerrit