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03:38 PM GROMACS Bug #2409: PME gather CUDA kernel failing on Fermi
One thing TO DO here would be to have a huge input system sanity test, but Szilard brought up a good point that such ...
11:00 AM GROMACS Bug #2409 (Resolved): PME gather CUDA kernel failing on Fermi
Applied in changeset commit:fa92dbed34ec7b916faaa2dd6f17c1b08a8ede0a.
10:53 AM GROMACS Revision fa92dbed: Fix PME for large systems with Fermi GPUs
PME spread/gather CUDA kernel scheduling did not account for
compute capability limitations. Realistically this has o...


08:09 PM GROMACS Revision 3005706f: Update FFTW build to 3.3.7
Refs #2358
Change-Id: Ifc4f1b289836c37d2f5edbfabfe26592d761b0ee
07:00 PM GROMACS Revision a4987be3: Add freeDeviceBuffer GPU utility function
This allows to make the GPU pairlist deletion code look same
for CUDA and OpenCL. More cleanup TODOs are left.
03:19 PM GROMACS Revision 03cb7aba: Add the missing comma in the quote
This was printed as:
GROMACS reminds you: "It's just B I O L O G Y, can't you see?Joe Jackson" ((null))
Change-Id: I...


06:33 PM GROMACS Bug #2409: PME gather CUDA kernel failing on Fermi
Thanks, reproduced on C2075 on gromacs3!
01:04 PM GROMACS Revision e3851eb6: Replace the remaining EXPECT_DEATH with EXPECT_DEATH_IF_SUPPORTED
Change-Id: Ibce3d4f240bf3552893762b74206d8e54575d18d
01:04 PM GROMACS Revision b2c6f452: Add DeviceBuffer as a typedef for cl_mem/device ponter
It is applied to unify the pairlist structure.
Change-Id: I81f78dca2a356ffc7b7638047d29ea29e20c689e
12:49 PM GROMACS Task #2408: device busy error with CC 2.0 and 6.1 in the same run
Well, we can check CCs and driver version and print a message "You are likely suffering from NVIDIA disallowing combi...

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