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03:04 PM GROMACS Revision a507ae2a: C++ code and Python bindings for TPR parameter read/write.
Core functionality to allow TPR files to be rewritten with altered
parameters, ported from


03:37 PM GROMACS Revision 4217d8fc: Enable GMXAPI by default.
Change default CMake configuration to enable the build and install of
libgmxapi and associated headers.
Refs #2756
02:27 PM GROMACS Feature #2993: Scalar and structured type expression and definitions for API
From an out-of-band discussion with Mark:
It is worth noting that gmxapi, its clients, and its collaborators need ...


05:53 PM GROMACS Revision 8c1c9079: Clean up gmxapi documentation build.
Address some Sphinx errors. Undo a regression in Begin
importing package documentation from Python into Sphi...
05:52 PM GROMACS Revision 916bcba3: Add subgraph and while_loop operations.
Allow multiple operations to be added in a subcontext so that
the set of operations can be instantiated and executed


05:22 PM GROMACS Task #3059 (New): Enable GMXAPI=ON by default
To avoid confusion/frustration, we should @set(_GMXAPI_DEFAULT ON)@ in cases not known to be problematic. GMXAPI=ON i...
05:16 PM GROMACS Task #2998 (In Progress): Update Python detection
Minimum requirements for GROMACS 2020 have been met. Some additional documentation may be helpful if we do not intend...
04:53 PM GROMACS Task #3027 (In Progress): Move sample_restraint development from GitHub to Gerrit
The main remaining aspect of this issue is to figure out how the sample code will be (re)packaged for easy forking. W...
04:48 PM GROMACS Task #3033: Clean up and modernize googletest bundling and usage
Remaining tasks under this issue include
- updating to googletest 1.8.1 (or 1.9)
- migrating to the GoogleTest CM...
01:54 PM GROMACS Revision f4b120b2: Fix logic error in python_packaging/src/CMakeLists.txt
When building as part of the GROMACS project (rather than via `pip`),
some branching logic for CMake versions <3.12 a...

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