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12:27 PM GROMACS Bug #2559 (New): "Managing long simulations" documentation error
I think the section "Restarts without checkpoint files" in docs/user-guide/managing-simulations.rst has not been true...


02:35 PM GROMACS Feature #2224: Proposed feature: conditional stop
I have some preliminary experimentation in another project at


04:12 PM GROMACS Task #2375: Clarify execution phases for MD simulation
Erik Lindahl wrote:
> For the first step, I think it will be much simpler to move/modify existing code so that all r...


12:21 AM GROMACS Task #2375 (New): Clarify execution phases for MD simulation
In support of a roadmap to an API layer between the user interface and the MD simulation machinery, one early set of ...
11:54 PM GROMACS Feature #2139: More precise/explicit documentation conventions
Teemu Murtola wrote:
> "section" is used in all of doxygen.rst only to refer to 1) sections of text in the documenta...
10:32 PM GROMACS Task #2355: update bundled googletest
Mark Abraham wrote:
> This had its first official release in sevreal years during 2017, so we should update the vers...


08:40 PM GROMACS Revision f38e1c01: Remove macro that confuses some debuggers
Replace FF macro with a lambda capturing a copy of Flags
to test for PCA flag bits set.
Change-Id: I9e87dc883d30c9c5...
08:23 AM GROMACS Revision 7f6172fd: make a box parameter const
Change-Id: I6d9f472ac73f8d9fdde5b4dbd7ffdfc18544f634


02:39 PM GROMACS Revision 47a6ba5a: Add more git ignores
Make it easier to work with some editors and packagers.
Change-Id: I582f76d4e160c02c3614219805c7ccd12af4de55


09:44 PM GROMACS Revision c7234668: normalize some C header includes
Change-Id: I26f10375d7021c01718c2b0d26251963509880e2

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