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04:48 PM GROMACS Feature #2585: Infrastructure supporting external API
With regard to gmxapi milestone 16 (exception firewall), @Roland asks "What's wrong with throwing exceptions out of t...
04:48 PM GROMACS Feature #2610 (New): API status object
gmxapi milestone 17 as described in #2585
Clients of a GROMACS installation need a robust and well-defined way to ...
03:32 PM GROMACS Feature #2585: Infrastructure supporting external API
I'm not sure if you are saying the headaches are from not having the TPR available while wanting to use the too...


02:26 PM GROMACS Feature #2605 (New): Library access to MD runner
gmxapi milestone 4 as described in #2585
Separate user interface from Mdrunner initialization. mdrun CLI program b...
01:11 PM GROMACS Feature #2585: Infrastructure supporting external API
When change 8158 is merged, the roadmap list and chart can be removed from this Redmine Issue in favor of the version...
10:44 AM GROMACS Feature #2091: CMake support for linking against libgromacs
This issue is possibly superseded by #2586 or otherwise inconsistent with the GROMACS roadmap. Maybe it should be clo...
10:40 AM GROMACS Feature #2592 (Resolved): Allow compile caching with ccache


04:00 PM GROMACS Revision 04190c78: Enable ccache compiler wrapper when available.
Let CMake use ccache compiler wrapper via `..._LAUNCHER`.
For gcc and compatible compilers, the cost of rebuilding c...


03:21 PM GROMACS Revision 28dc24b0: Add some developer help to Developer Guide.
Import helpful stuff from old web site.
Change-Id: I9ae4e872a8de014e9ddd3afed47067e9f7aac405


05:48 PM GROMACS Revision c321c04c: Remove extraneous gitignore line.
The line for `#*` is a comment, but is not a useful one. It may
have been intended (and may be misread) to indicate t...

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