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01:29 PM GROMACS Revision 37516546: Remove problematic output of gmx angle
It could happen that the calculation of the standard deviation
for angles caused a divide by zero error for empty pop...


02:15 PM GROMACS Bug #3230 (Resolved): mdrun-test -ntmpi 2 deadlock in calculateForces in density fitting
Applied in changeset commit:11395f380d11986299e230bb0c0504cf726a0f4b.
02:03 PM GROMACS Revision 11395f38: Fix densityfitting stalling and energies
Density guided simulations would stall when there were no atoms on a
node. Further, the energy contributions were add...


03:49 PM GROMACS Revision 41b79d8a: Densityfitting - enforce similarity increase with adaptive force scaling
Previous to this patch, the force constant for density guided
simulations with adaptive force constant scaling was sc...


12:48 PM GROMACS Revision b09c6e12: Change arbitrary units to counts in RMSD distance distribution output
Users were confused by the "a.u." label in the RMSD distance
distribution output. This patch changes the label to "co...


09:00 AM GROMACS Revision a83b3bdd: Relax cross-correlation test precision
Relase the floating point precision in cross-correlation evaluations on
large data arrays further. i386 fails here wi...


02:45 PM GROMACS Revision 7732ebb4: Remove cutoff-scheme group from default mdout.mdp output
The .mdp default output file had a reference to the group scheme in it,
which might prove confusing to users that ass...


02:52 PM GROMACS Revision 245b4433: Relax test tolerance for cross correlation measure for densities
Some compilers do not perform the optimisations that are necessary to
reach default real tolerance when calculating t...


07:15 AM GROMACS Bug #3215 (Resolved): Density guided simulation does not output energy term when density-guided-simulation-nst > 1
Applied in changeset commit:309ffe7602d3d870eb30e0be2fabb4e6763b828a.
07:14 AM GROMACS Revision 309ffe76: Fix check-pointing for density guided simulations
Previously, checkpointing for density-guided simulations did not take
into account that the checkpointing occurs in t...

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