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06:54 AM GROMACS Feature #1165: Multi-SIMD binaries
Yes, I think that's how we should do it.


02:36 PM GROMACS Feature #1165: Multi-SIMD binaries
In terms of Linux package management I don't think we want the vanilla/simple Gromacs package (with the gmx wrapper) ...
10:14 AM GROMACS Feature #1165: Multi-SIMD binaries
One challenge to keep in mind that we can't handle CUDA/OpenCL-specific ports with function-level dispatching, and I ...


02:44 PM GROMACS Task #2822: Make nbnxn a module
I think this needs to be split into several smaller and fully independent modules that are not aware of each other's ...


06:06 PM GROMACS Task #1505: improve handling of logging
I just stumbled upon another reason we should be careful about issuing general performance warnings to stdout/stderr....
05:46 PM GROMACS Bug #2747: nb_kernel_ElecEwSw_VdwBhamSw_GeomW4W4 regressiontest failing on Power8
They passed with gcc-8.2 for me, but instead two of the complex tests failed.


08:21 PM GROMACS Bug #2804 (Rejected): Cannot append trajectory after no append flag is used
This is not a bug.
The appending functionality is *strictly* only for continuing an exact trajectory after stoppin...
10:14 AM GROMACS Task #2756: gmxapi integration testing
Agree about testing location. If the API is part of the source tree, the full integration tests should also live ther...


05:22 PM GROMACS Bug #2765: gmxapi MPI tests don't handle many-core systems
Only because there hasn't been that much activity on it during the beta cycle :-)
One (minor) caveat is that the ...


10:41 PM GROMACS Bug #2754: Simulated Tempering seems to be broken
Michael: What was the result of your testing last week?

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