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09:18 AM GROMACS Revision 8dec7159: Replace all ConstArrayRef with ArrayRef<const T>
1) Remove the alias itself in arrayref.h.
2) All replacements done automatically using sed:
s#ConstArrayRef<const cha...
08:52 AM GROMACS Revision 154e896f: Specialize ArrayRef for SimdReal
ArrayRef<SimdReal> maps to a range of aligned memory and returns a
Simd type from operator[] (more precisely a refere...


01:22 AM GROMACS Revision 67348ea2: Require template parameter for load function
The implicit conversion from load(float*) to both float
and SimdFloat caused multiple issues. The primary ones:
- Ext...
01:19 AM GROMACS Revision 800cb1ea: Use tag for simdLoad
Use same simdLoad name for all types. In preparation
for removing the need for SimdLoadProxyInternal.
C++ doesn't su...


08:37 PM GROMACS Revision cc833430: Refactor load+SimdLoad*ProxyInternal to reduce duplication
A child patch requires both the const and non-const version.
This would increase the duplication per (un/)aligned loa...


09:47 PM GROMACS Revision e9d54782: Make ConstArrayRef alias to ArrayRef<const T>
Removes code duplication and makes it easier to extend.
Change-Id: I4ac01e3be89bb9f2ad92937ce19e436ac7f1178b
09:18 AM GROMACS Revision 81b411f0: Fix that exp(load(x)) is ambiguous
Because of the template argument added by e34ead15, exp(float) was
preferred over exp(SimdFloat). This causes code wh...
03:12 AM GROMACS Feature #2259: clang CUDA compilation
But if they are in a different compilation unit why do they not have a declaration in a header?


04:59 PM GROMACS Revision 9fbffbbf: Allow non-const access for const ArrayRef
const ArrayRef<T> should not mean that the data contained in the range
is const. If it were used that way, it behave ...


01:27 PM GROMACS Revision 8cd3997a: ICC: Disable include path warning
Under certain circumstances MKL and PSTL can cause spurious
warnings. Unlikely for warning to be important.
Change I...

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