Roland Schulz





12:41 AM GROMACS Bug #2327: AVX2_128 and AVX_128_FMA double precision PME gather regression
Note that this is issue is only about preserving the hack of using 256-bit AVX for when the user chooses 128-bit. The...


12:58 AM GROMACS Bug #2337 (Closed): Intel compiler ewald test is failing in double
12:58 AM GROMACS Bug #2338 (Closed): ShakeTest.ConstrainsThreeBondsWithCommonAtoms tolerance


08:50 PM GROMACS Bug #2340: avx512fma test code warning with icpc
There is no easy way to remove the other flag in cmake. But we can disable the warning for this one file.
07:53 PM GROMACS Bug #2334 (Closed): AWH WithParameters/BiasStateTest.InitializesFromFile test fails with ICC
07:40 PM GROMACS Revision 4846540b: Fix AWH test accuracy
Fixes #2334
Change-Id: Ieda604a3dbd1c253302214559e169581dfc02fe1
07:14 PM GROMACS Bug #2051 (Closed): gmxTestCXX11 can fail because of linker issue
07:14 PM GROMACS Bug #2335 (Closed): Intel compiler exp test fails in double
06:58 PM GROMACS Bug #2051 (Resolved): gmxTestCXX11 can fail because of linker issue
Applied in changeset commit:60243c3b222d7aea9e3fd4deb286021af0cfa894.
06:58 PM GROMACS Revision 013509bf: Fix exp test for ICC in double
Fixes #2335
Change-Id: I5f688c64d59e8d2a23239fc945756bcc5130d15b

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