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09:56 PM GROMACS Bug #3125: OpenCL on Volta and Turing borken
Comparing the clinfo output from Volta and Pascal should quickly show whether there is any info you can use.


07:30 PM GROMACS Task #2107: Change to clang-format
I was referring to merge.renormalize. See


12:48 PM GROMACS Bug #2925: BasicVector addition operator yields unexpected result when adding scalar
Pretty sure that isn't the reason. It can't use the @operator+(const BasicVector & other)@ for two reasons:
# a sin...


07:03 PM GROMACS Task #2919: C++ style guidelines for namespace use
Mark Abraham wrote:
> Anonymous namespaces are and should be used for making clear that code is internal to the tran...
10:29 AM GROMACS Task #2916: Decide future of symtab
Based on your use pattern (didn't verify) this sounds like a good plan. Not sure whether it is faster to use std::map...
10:00 AM GROMACS Task #2919: C++ style guidelines for namespace use
From ML:
> GROMACS has a policy against using C++ `namespace` for logical structuring of code within the GROMACS pac...


11:17 PM GROMACS Task #2916: Decide future of symtab
With the ordered vector any mapping of the SymTab (both idx->StringView (get_symtab_handle) and StringView->idx (look...


11:10 AM GROMACS Revision 64437657: Fix UB vector usage
It is UB to
- increment past end.
- decrement end iterator for empty vector.
- use operator[] on end iterator.
Also ...


05:56 PM GROMACS Task #2905: Add a Jenkins configuration with std library assert
It is also available in libstdc++: . I looked in the ...
04:46 PM GROMACS Revision ddb1149a: Fix UB vector usage
Fixes a buffer overflow for c_simdBestPairAlignment=2.
Found with _LIBCPP_DEBUG=1.
Change-Id: Ib21ca875244673b27748...

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