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08:56 PM GROMACS Bug #2683 (New): GCC 8.1 warnings
The TNG warnings make sense why we don't see them in Jenkins. The only gcc 8 configuration is without TNG. For the ot...
06:28 PM GROMACS Task #2682 (New): Add MSAN configuration
We should add a MSAN configuration to Jenkins because it is useful to detect errors. This requires us to install prop...
11:12 AM GROMACS Revision 2778c81d: Fix MSAN errors
Refs #2642
Change-Id: I94a649f5bf0fdcc85a826882efa520776de7740a
02:03 AM GROMACS Bug #2680 (Resolved): mdrun-non-integrator-test with nt-mpi>2
With nt-mpi 3:
Source file: src/gromacs/mdlib/upda...


12:41 AM GROMACS Bug #2642: mdrun with SIMD triggers floating point exceptions
There are multiple MSAN errors of which 1 looks related and none look like false positives. I'll upload a patch.
11:30 PM GROMACS Task #2661 (Resolved): consider adding offline compilation of OpenCL kernels
Applied in changeset commit:289d6ee0f48995d459ee1290a6e816806e283d19.
11:18 PM GROMACS Revision 6c29e90a: OCL: Add const to function arguments
f1b7d4a51254 added const to variables without also changing
function arguments. This fixes it. Not stricly necessary
11:18 PM GROMACS Revision 289d6ee0: Add OCL kernel target
The object files generated aren't used for anything. The target
is only compiled when manually specificied. Purpose i...
06:06 PM GROMACS Revision 2fed6b4c: Fix OCL compiler warnings
Related #2661
Change-Id: I715553a40d2d913bd484f455d8e39e46632a8372
06:05 PM GROMACS Revision 5eedb4d2: Remove majority of OCL command line constants
Related #2661
Change-Id: I8a139501bdd4f479183e829ba4c861f36c73afea

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