Roland Schulz





10:18 AM GROMACS Revision 8bc74088: Add GMX_OCL_SHOW_DIAGNOSTICS env option
Change-Id: Ie886544d40ff78fccd301b87d610ae8c42483b14
08:45 AM GROMACS Task #2842 (Resolved): Add libstdc++ check
Applied in changeset commit:f232a741baa0b2a036f5d25d2b1a2a5d7cb9ccdb.
08:38 AM GROMACS Revision f232a741: Improve libstd++ handling
clang and icc use libstdc++ under Linux by default.
Previously such dependencies were handled differently than other...


05:23 PM GROMACS Revision 8b901fad: Remove EmptyArrayRef
Make it more aligned with std::span.
Almost everywhere it wasn't needed anyhow.
Only exception: ternary conditional o...


10:58 PM GROMACS Task #2861: import an implementation of c++17 std::optional
We should consider having not just optional but also expected. In many cases when you don't have a value something we...
09:10 AM GROMACS Revision d8a1069a: Fix sign warning
Caused by rebase of 55c76c88c4d (as part of merge) onto
Change-Id: If2d4f2cc19df18297b689d91b7ce865e5b38...


08:02 PM GROMACS Task #2859: Change ArrayRef iterator type from pointer to std::iterator
We need to fix this for begin/end for mdspan too (added "here":
07:15 PM GROMACS Task #2859 (Fix uploaded): Change ArrayRef iterator type from pointer to std::iterator
Instead of importing a new std::span we probably should explore making span a simple 1D template alias of mdspan. If ...
11:42 AM GROMACS Task #2826 (Resolved): introduce ssize free function
Applied in changeset commit:35d429a0bdd16f216bcc055c5c4018a10d0e02f1.
11:42 AM GROMACS Revision 55c76c88: Revert size to be unsigned for ArrayRef
Given the decision for std::span to be signed this became
inconsistent with future C++ while already being inconsiste...

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