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09:39 AM Regression tests suite Revision cc265c4d: Reduce cut-off in pull_geometry tests
The changes to use update groups meant that the pull-geometry tests
may not pass due to being unable to use the requi...


03:00 PM GROMACS Bug #2692: docs should not have unused files
The reference-manual-minimal and user-guide-old files are kind of needed, because they are used when the image conver...
02:59 PM GROMACS Revision bd65de70: Remove unused files in docs/manual
Refs #2692
Change-Id: Ib9f0a7079397cb638bc2d7f67b9d450c004a612e


09:32 AM GROMACS Bug #2669: GMXAPI can not be build when crosscompiling
A lot of thinks got fixed, but I'm not sure if this was among them.


01:16 PM GROMACS Bug #2598: Tools using read_next_x cannot read TNG files with sanitzers
not going to happen soon
01:16 PM GROMACS Task #2603: Add ability to properly check coordinate files during testing
not going to happen for 2019


04:03 PM GROMACS Bug #2693 (New): Several memory leaks in mdrun
When trying to run simulations through the new API, several issues are reported on the ASAN build that point to sever...


06:46 AM GROMACS Revision 21becc05: Add short security notice
Cherry picked from master.
Refs #2645
Change-Id: I5fba37bca803c13ee9251aae0aae54c155537890


09:15 PM GROMACS Revision b7d36e02: Include doi strings from zenodo during release
Add functionality to include doi strings
gathered from Zenodo into the release build
source code and manual. Actual r...
05:33 PM GROMACS Revision fb452273: Wrong name for report-methods tool
Tool was still named just "report" internally, changed to report-methods
correctly now.
Change-Id: Iedda3a3a00bb732a...

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