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11:12 AM GROMACS Revision 8fe09f04: Update clang-tidy to check for dangling references
Change-Id: I4a720ee29dddcb0778f88aaa3b1057c61d319036


01:19 PM GROMACS Revision 8441b8d8: Enable printing of known issues in commandline
Showcase in gmx dump.
Added test for it.
Change-Id: If1e70cc3b1a9c73a9483ba643a979edb2838d6a5
11:53 AM GROMACS Revision 2e0edc40: Create gmx::compat::string_view
This part of the C++-17 std will likely help in cases we want objects to
store views to std::strings instead of perfo...


02:52 PM GROMACS Revision 0242703c: Refactor t_pindex
Also change naming of containers for interaction types to better reflect
what is actually stored in the container.
01:50 PM GROMACS Wiki edit: Release_checklist (#21)
01:44 PM GROMACS Revision 1b67e323: Prepare for version 2019.3
Reset DOI strings
Change-Id: Iddbafb48832b28eb862a9a7cbe632e9e7a6fdbf7
09:16 AM GROMACS Revision 11e74ffb: Version 2019.2
Set DOI strings.
Updated regressiontest hash.
Change-Id: I87dd50fd154c4f10a04e48be0c4fbe60964395ff
09:15 AM GROMACS Bug #2926 (Resolved): gmx cluster -clndx is broken
Applied in changeset commit:ec73eb81f27cc5301054f85ae96b449a64fe8b74.
08:28 AM GROMACS Revision ec73eb81: Fix off-by-one error in gmx cluster
The writing of indices for linking frames to clusters was of by one.
Also fixed naming to refer to indices and not i...


05:45 PM GROMACS Bug #2926: gmx cluster -clndx is broken
The bug is actually in the generation of the index file in gmx cluster.

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