Kevin Boyd




10:46 AM GROMACS Revision dc9f1fe6: Changed documentation on common errors during minimization
Fixed title of non-converged minimization in common errors to reflect actual error
Added section on non-finite force...


04:48 PM GROMACS Task #2539: Support hwloc 2.x.x
I'm working on it, yes.


12:53 PM GROMACS Revision eaced51e: Added to PME on GPU information in mdrun performance
Added -pme to glossary
Moved and modified a previous mdrun with GPU example to follow
a more logical progression - f...


01:51 PM GROMACS Revision f2df4657: Cosmetic fixes to mdp documentation
Mostly grammar/tense/linking
Added specific mentions of .trr and .xtc file extensions in output control
Properly fo...


09:12 PM GROMACS Task #2539 (New): Support hwloc 2.x.x
hwloc versions 2.0.0 and up (current stable release is 2.0.1) have some API changes that need to be addressed, for ex...


02:39 AM GROMACS Revision cc92b3d0: Removed "XXX non-matching atom names" Martini statement.
The current statement is that atom renaming in grompp is part of the
accepted workflow, and so the above error can be...


05:26 PM GROMACS Revision 71e5ee39: Cosmetic documentation changes
Fixed some broken links
Spelling errors/tense errors/grammar
Change-Id: Ie83e36a46cda2f686098e4e88f0acf13faf2e5cd
01:23 PM GROMACS Revision 106a882f: Minor fixes to mdrun performance documentation
In "Examples for mdrun on one node," third example description, the respective number
of thread-mpi ranks and OpenMP ...


08:57 PM GROMACS Task #2501 (New): Documentation section on log file contents
Users could benefit from an up to date detailed walkthrough of the contents of a log file, including how to interpret...

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