Mark Abraham





02:42 PM GROMACS Bug #1998 (New): membed is apparently broken
Erik told me this is broken, but I have no details, have never used it and plenty of core things still left untested....
02:17 PM GROMACS Task #1855: Convert preprocessor use so that symbols are always defined
Some uses of plain #cmakedefine have snuck in, probably from merges release-5-1, so we should go through and clean up...
12:30 PM GROMACS Revision b6f57fcd: Update to include a gcc 6.1 configuration
Change-Id: I806b335f84624f143d91fc9249d29ab08ca6a05a
12:27 PM GROMACS Revision 8d223faa: Fix SIMD configuration management
Subsequent runs of cmake gave inconsistent diagnostic messages because
SUGGEST_BINUTILS_UPDATE was not set on subsequ...
11:41 AM GROMACS Bug #1997: big-endian power7 testbits is broken
cvtR2I, cvttR2I also look like they use a wrong rounding mode:...
02:07 AM GROMACS Bug #1997 (New): big-endian power7 testbits is broken
02:04 AM GROMACS Bug #1988 (In Progress): Double-precision SIMD test failure on powerpc
Thanks for the report. I don't have access to a power8 machine, but I observe these to fail on big-endian power7 in t...


08:28 PM GROMACS Task #1390 (Closed): manage C+11 support and CUDA better
07:34 PM GROMACS Bug #1942 (Closed): maxh option and checkpoint writting do not work with REMD simulations
07:33 PM GROMACS Bug #1857 (Closed): -multidir for runs with different number of steps only runs for the shortest ...

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