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06:07 PM GROMACS Bug #2409: PME gather CUDA kernel failing on Fermi
NB we have the GMX_DEVELOPER_BUILD cmake configuration that could be used to enable such things. And of course we'd g...
04:06 PM GROMACS Revision a4def629: Bumped patch version for next release
Change-Id: I174548b1be5261aea861ec29d550ee323ce3702e
03:29 PM GROMACS Bug #2405 (Resolved): improve gpu_utils-test
I'm still open to removing more things that prove problematic, but we can find out how these tests work in the extern...
03:28 PM GROMACS Bug #2403 (Closed): Multidir sim with #mpiranks = 2*#sim fails
03:27 PM GROMACS Feature #2130 (Closed): n2t files are undocumented
03:27 PM GROMACS Bug #2414 (Closed): -multidir not working due to erroneous use of MPI_Comm_create
Is fixed for 2018.1, out next week
03:26 PM GROMACS Bug #2398 (Closed): Assertion failure with test particle insertion
03:26 PM GROMACS Bug #2409 (Closed): PME gather CUDA kernel failing on Fermi
03:26 PM GROMACS Bug #2407 (Closed): Incorrect grompp net charge warning
03:25 PM GROMACS Bug #2196 (Closed): Unexpected behavior of gmx insert-molecules with -ip option.
Reopen if someone finds an issue!

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