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02:30 PM GROMACS Task #2861 (Resolved): import an implementation of c++17 std::optional
Applied in changeset commit:f368908139d5ec5d0ea5f04ecb5f3c5fb837bb13.
02:21 PM GROMACS Revision f3689081: Create gmx::compat::optional
This C++17 std component is an extremely useful vocabulary type that
has a straightforward implementation in C++14. H...
11:23 AM GROMACS Revision f81caeac: Move pull work struct out of inputrec
Its lifetime is now managed by runner. This will make high-level
organization more comprehensible, and permit more me...
11:21 AM GROMACS Revision f4038ba0: Improve swapcoords session lifetime management
This is no longer stored in the inputrec (which is now more
const-correct), and it is also now be cleaned up in one p...


07:06 AM GROMACS Revision d1001425: Fix post-submit
Change-Id: I203647ed9ac70c99d188d29223a3a4141d3d4533


01:27 PM GROMACS Revision 786e0e87: Removed mdrun -gcom
This was previously deprecated, and is now removed to make the
behaviour of mdrun simpler to understand and implement...
10:42 AM GROMACS Task #1925 (In Progress): remove concept of unilateral global communication
10:01 AM GROMACS Task #2905: Add a Jenkins configuration with std library assert
Sure that sounds like a good idea. I suggest we start with that in the nightly matrix, until we get a handle on how s...
09:56 AM GROMACS Bug #2920: grompp writes tpr value of nstcalcenergy different than mdp value
The output mdp file isn't intended to reflect the .tpr contents, it should reflect the input .mdp contents.
In mas...
09:18 AM GROMACS Bug #2881 (Closed): mdrun -nsteps option does not work correctly

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