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07:36 AM Gromacs Revision 0e06005a: Fix and simplify version matching for running tests
The version strings that might need bumping for releases and branch
forks are now all maintained in one place, and ar...


02:44 PM Gromacs Revision 4a7ddb22: Beer + table soccer = quote!
Change-Id: I3323f5b7ae7c65013dc8c0270232f02da8a42bd5


06:43 PM Gromacs Revision 62254da4: Merge branch 'release-4-6' into release-5-0
Change-Id: Icd1eafab98512328523a3ea788626b3fb415b0a8
05:25 AM Gromacs Revision bc237205: Further fix to gmx tune-pme
We need to ignore the column of total time, before reading the total
number of gigacycles. This was also broken befor...


08:27 PM Gromacs Bug #1474: Possible races in FEP code
OK. Not sure if I'll get time for this one this week (also Erik's writing grants and Berk's away), but thanks for the...
07:02 PM Gromacs Bug #1474: Possible races in FEP code
There was a recent fix in #1462 that might be relevant. It seems like that fix was not in the version you ran; if not...
06:30 PM Gromacs Revision 3e90ae63: Fix invalid dereference in g_tune_pme
Change-Id: If4c999e22799ab2087ff1a1d74d8e5b50ddddd57
06:12 PM Gromacs Revision 7d5a7318: Version bump for 5.0-rc1
Change-Id: I2e855832ce3d8301a63fe32ea8e5077ad7c082c6


05:39 PM Gromacs Bug #1470: CUDA compiler (gcc-4.6) not compatible with AVX2 flags
Szilárd Páll wrote:
> Mark Abraham wrote:
> > Szilárd Páll wrote:
> > > Mark Abraham wrote:
> > > > Szilárd Páll ...
05:31 PM Gromacs Revision 95bbad7d: Move string-parsing code to where it can be reused
Change-Id: Ie043e403828237ee3a58baaa1521df2ea58d2f6d

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