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02:21 PM GROMACS Bug #2990: ARM neon SIMD4 error
These warnings could be suppressed with "-Wno-attributes" for ARMv7 if we want. But as there are numerous other warni...


11:26 PM GROMACS Bug #2990: ARM neon SIMD4 error
Paul Bauer wrote:
> this should be the result of std::max_align_t being not correct for this case according to my go...
11:20 PM GROMACS Bug #2990: ARM neon SIMD4 error
ARMv7 doesn't actually have 128-bit registers, so our x86-based assumptions do not apply
02:26 PM GROMACS Revision c13f4653: Avoid 386 O3 codegen bug
Refs #3205
Change-Id: I2aa5018bde089b11497892dd68a7f9715e69e20e
10:47 AM GROMACS Task #3205: address Debian experimental issues
Nicholas Breen wrote:
> Buggy code generation at higher optimization levels does indeed seem to be the culprit.
> *...
10:44 AM GROMACS Revision 93b5f239: Provide more feedback when listed forces tests fail
Refs #3205
Change-Id: Ic012aeaf8b35af88b78e109acabb6048d593cab3


03:31 PM GROMACS Bug #3226: Regression tests segfault with GPU update and DD
Artem Zhmurov wrote:
> Berk Hess wrote:
> > The GPU DD does not implement constraint communication, so it should on...
02:12 PM GROMACS Task #3130: Interim handling of gmxapi data references.
Eric Irrgang wrote:
> Paul Bauer wrote:
> > is there anything going to happen for 2020 still? Or should it be bumpe...
08:34 AM GROMACS Task #3205: address Debian experimental issues
The code for the angles test looks fine to me, so I'm 99% confident this is buggy code generation.
I'm curious whe...


07:51 PM GROMACS Revision efca6b74: Added OpenCL build to release matrix
Added missing information for one build.
Change-Id: I30da8ce4e19e104182ee082cc18a83e318069b3c

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