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01:00 PM GROMACS Bug #2311: NVML compilation issues
Applied in changeset commit:3c71c117eb3269664b3949f5ddcdf8a6befa872d.
11:09 AM GROMACS Revision 3c71c117: Leave NVML use off by default
Even if NVML is found, leave the default off because the
linking is unreliable for reasons that are currently unclear...
11:08 AM GROMACS Revision 9ee128dc: Check for GPU detection support before detecting
When a CUDA-enabled binary was run on a node with no CUDA driver
available, a note was issued that the version of the...
11:08 AM GROMACS Bug #2321 (Resolved): mdrun exits with buffer registering error on non-GPU host
Applied in changeset commit:29c059adf3362dbcb7071a4c531770fa9c21e519.
10:10 AM GROMACS Bug #2317: Incorrect warning about PME ranks during cpt restart
I assume this is fixed, but haven't tried
09:45 AM GROMACS Bug #2323 (Resolved): avx512 implementation of operator << requires immediate with gcc 6.4
Applied in changeset commit:9437181eacbb7194ef6f2a4d21489b25db6b2661.
09:45 AM GROMACS Revision 29c059ad: Consume any error produced during GPU detection
Having reported it, we should clear the CUDA error status so that
future calls do not continue to return it.
Fixes #...
09:02 AM GROMACS Revision bedddd94: Avoid signed-overflow warning with gcc 7
The code assumes no overflow will occur. Both the old and new code are
vulnerable to over/underflow for different ext...
09:00 AM GROMACS Revision 9437181e: Remove SIMD shift operators
These were almost unused, and caused problems in debug or clang builds
when the intrinsics required immediate operand...
06:44 AM GROMACS Bug #2300 (Closed): Intel compiler warnings

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