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Reported issues: 190


04:26 PM Support Platforms Bug #1732: review and extend jeknins tests setups, coverage
I think the pre-submit matrix we have at pl...


05:51 PM Gromacs Revision 5b91e1c8: Merge branch release-5-1
Change-Id: I6fdd1b6186911b41d6089c70ee26eff1909fd6e5


01:17 AM Gromacs Feature #1953 (New): use more regular polymorphism for GPU code
Recent changes to GPU profiling interfaces have highlighted that home-grown macro APIs are easy to misuse, and requir...


08:21 PM Gromacs Bug #1949: gmx solvate leaves empty temporary files (as do other gmx programs)
These modules do create temporary files whose name starts with, but where the files are located is at the m...


04:54 PM Gromacs Revision 2f00ac17: Replace libxml2 with tinyxml2 for use in test code
Building libxml2 on complex machines has been problematic for users
and developers, and there is no pressing reason t...
04:03 PM Gromacs Revision 5d90ac7d: Fix parse_digits_from_string
New GPU-passing functionality wasn't checked for empty string like the
functionality that it extended is checked for....
02:10 AM Gromacs Revision a96cd404: Fix mdp label generation
The extra colons meant the rst didn't generate
the label that is expected.
Change-Id: Icbb5bb8aa674f043ae45e474ced8e...


01:39 AM Gromacs Task #1947 (New): Consider fixing corner case in TinyXML2
In we identified that TinyXML2 can't read an XML element that is non-empty and o...
11:00 PM Gromacs Revision 559e4261: Reduce compilation coupling of SIMD module
Analysis tools that call bonded functions should not have to include a
header that unnecessarily includes the SIMD mo...


12:36 PM Gromacs Bug #1946: hwloc slow
Also, we have and use infrastructure for recognizing that a set of MPI ranks is on the same node. At least some of th...

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