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03:57 PM GROMACS Revision 1af15f19: Improve clang-analyzer build time
The tests for selection and utility modules take a long time to
link, so these are moved earlier in the CMake so that...
11:16 AM GROMACS Revision d4ac97dc: Fix release matrix
Change-Id: Ieacbb36daa10077e98bf23058c6c261560ad8be2


03:46 AM GROMACS Revision e9a88558: Improve organization of LINCS reporting
Some result fields were being re-used in a way that was hard
to understand. Also static analyzers could not see that ...


08:45 PM GROMACS Revision f7754527: Apply clang-tidy-8 readability-uppercase-literal-suffix
This new check in clang-tidy-8 seems useful enough to activate, even
if only so people get used to reading code that ...
08:45 PM GROMACS Revision 286baa3d: Use potential-shift as default modifier
The potential-shift-verlet modifier is no longer useful, as
potential-shift was the default with the only cut-off sch...
03:14 PM GROMACS Revision 395eee7b: Reduce cosine acceleration quantity properly
The momenta should be redueced in compute_globals only when there
actually is cosine acceleration
Change-Id: Id42dbf...
10:38 AM GROMACS Revision 2cafe3db: Fix issues for clang-analyzer-8
pdb2gmx can no longer attempt to add a vsite after issuing a warning
that it cannot convert an atom, instead exiting ...


09:04 PM GROMACS Revision 0004e9e8: Modernize t_matrix, t_mapping, t_rgb
This supports removing some manual string handling that regularly
troubles e.g. the static analyzer.
Made more use o...
04:30 PM GROMACS Revision b8c9e80f: Modernize t_psdata
This is useful in itself, but mainly prepares to modernize other users
of t_rgb, which need it to have a constructor....


09:15 PM GROMACS Task #3007 (Resolved): Install and update testing to add gcc-9
Applied in changeset commit:ed91e159f0ef4cc3e5a398eed314eb7119de3ec5.

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