Szilárd Páll





11:30 PM GROMACS Task #2677: bonded task scheduling
The current code implements a simplified scheduling compared to the above, everything is scheduled in the NB stream. ...


06:04 PM GROMACS Task #2193: OpenCL code modernization assuming v1.2 reqd
This weekend I realized that the allocation modernization won't be possible in the new PME code due to the an omissio...
12:36 PM GROMACS Task #2500 (Resolved): detect and allow linking external clFFT
Szilárd Páll wrote:
> > implement clFFT version reporting in the -version header
> AFAICT, the above is not imp...
12:35 PM GROMACS Task #2697 (New): improve FFT library flavor/version reporting
With more FFT libraries supported, in particular clFFT but also ARMPL, version reporting could use some improvements....


10:09 PM GROMACS Task #2696 (New): ensure PME queue is flushed
At least one clFlush() call is needed to make sure the work is submitted to the GPU queue and the runtime does not de...
06:30 PM GROMACS Bug #2681 (Resolved): clang-6 native CUDA undefined template warnings
Applied in changeset commit:97fe7d2f1f7b101a55c3c7db4b32b4014b1ad0d2.
06:26 PM GROMACS Revision 97fe7d2f: Fix more clang-6 warnings in CUDA code
Fixes #2681
Change-Id: Ic1e096328687e53ca814034c4c3eb8db40db46df
10:53 AM GROMACS Revision 866c0086: Modernize OpenCL memory allocation flags
This change correct the memory allocation flags in the nonbonded module
so that these reflect the R/W use on both hos...


08:12 PM GROMACS Task #2661 (Closed): consider adding offline compilation of OpenCL kernels
07:56 PM GROMACS Task #2695: bonded GPU module timing
Note: not a blocker for the beta (nor the release IMO).

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