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08:18 PM GROMACS Feature #2259: clang CUDA compilation
Aleksei Iupinov wrote:
> More like "we should make Jenkins create Redmine issues on any newly seen post-submit failu...


05:04 PM GROMACS Bug #2273: CUDA CC 2.0 issue
The problem in practice is that you're requesting only sm_20 and compute_2.0 (i.e. SASS for the 2.0 arch and PTX for ...


07:54 PM GROMACS Revision de8880d9: Remove the size_t from the PME gather CUDA kenels
Change-Id: If53b9eabc1ac081b33933cc773b5ea932c9e8392


02:51 PM GROMACS Bug #1693: Jenkins Tests seldomly failing
Mark Abraham wrote:
> opened
See my comments there. TL; DR: we co...


11:15 PM GROMACS Feature #2259 (Resolved): clang CUDA compilation
Applied in changeset commit:1a244727cc719bec76e70419099ed259f9351411.
11:15 PM GROMACS Revision 7699ff65: Refactor scaled box handling for PME/Ewald
The box scaling code for Ewald and related logic is now encapsulated in
new box scaler class. This also allows box sc...
10:53 PM GROMACS Revision 170839af: Fix pair list array assertion
Was caught by the clang CUDA build.
Refs #2259
Change-Id: I8633e48ea5c33225829f92f60c2c785f16e17aca
10:52 PM GROMACS Revision 1a244727: Avoid -Wmissing-prototypes warnings in clang CUDA builds
Fixes #2259 partially
Change-Id: Ib47530c89cf4b3af5c2b65cfcfa39b9dfe0148b4
02:58 AM GROMACS Feature #2259: clang CUDA compilation
So the culprit is commit:2b9cbcb80c, but given the tricky compilation of CUDA code, I'm not sure if this is solvable ...


12:27 AM GROMACS Feature #2259: clang CUDA compilation
Aleksei Iupinov wrote:
> Feels weird to open a tracking issue for something that has already been merged (8be6f1a, I...

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