Artem Zhmurov





04:46 AM GROMACS Revision 99f4253d: Introduce DeviceStreamManager
Make a separate object that will be handling the creation,
management and destruction of the GPU context and streams....


03:03 PM GROMACS Revision 6e5b4d42: Add OpenCL error reporting to GPU region timer
Change-Id: I06f3d178973de24869b8f9f720ac0f78678dc554
12:26 PM GROMACS Revision c26d93da: Small fixes to the DeviceStream
1. Fix compiler warning on having const modifier for bool in function declaration.
2. Fix comments.
3. Introduce isVa...
09:55 AM GROMACS Task #3314 (Resolved): Platform agnostic DeviceStream
09:54 AM GROMACS Bug #3372 (Closed): Re-enable RVec and float3 compatibility tests


11:47 AM GROMACS Revision 87f19397: Store DeviceInformation inside the DeviceContext class
The device information with which the context was created is
now stored inside the DeviceContext object. This allows ...
08:12 AM GROMACS Revision bbdeb775: Pass DeviceContext instead of GPU runtime data when possible
Change-Id: I06d66dc24994b15b2ed49ced927b4a5cf59c7c3c


09:48 AM GROMACS Revision 513c5060: Make some doxygen errors more clear
Prints more clear error messages when doxygen fails to run on assertion.
Change-Id: I476a97b494484d7b020a60d833d8e59...


12:42 PM GROMACS Revision 905880ae: Combine initialization routines for GPUs assigned to PME and Nonbonded
The subroutines that do the initialization share a lot of logic. Also,
the current setup does not allow to have more ...
12:11 PM GROMACS Revision 99c4197e: Remove stream from GPU kernel launch config
The stream is not a configuration parameter, hence
it should not be a part of a kernel config struct.
This also remov...

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