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checking for Sphinx executable version needs improvement

Added by Mark Abraham almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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On plogin1 (POWER9 node at bsc), the build seems to work OK, but during initial CMake run the warning is seen

CMake Warning:
  Value of SPHINX_EXECUTABLE_VERSION contained a newline; truncating

This should work more smoothly. I'm not sure what isn't matching well enough, but the output from sphinx-build is

[p9login1 r2019 (release-2019)] $ sphinx-build 
Sphinx v1.1.3
Usage: /usr/bin/sphinx-build [options] sourcedir outdir [filenames...]
Options: -b <builder> -- builder to use; default is html
         -a        -- write all files; default is to only write new and changed files
         -E        -- don't use a saved environment, always read all files
         -t <tag>  -- include "only" blocks with <tag>
         -d <path> -- path for the cached environment and doctree files
                      (default: outdir/.doctrees)
         -c <path> -- path where configuration file ( is located
                      (default: same as sourcedir)
         -C        -- use no config file at all, only -D options
         -D <setting=value> -- override a setting in configuration
         -A <name=value>    -- pass a value into the templates, for HTML builder
         -n        -- nit-picky mode, warn about all missing references
         -N        -- do not do colored output
         -q        -- no output on stdout, just warnings on stderr
         -Q        -- no output at all, not even warnings
         -w <file> -- write warnings (and errors) to given file
         -W        -- turn warnings into errors
         -P        -- run Pdb on exception
* without -a and without filenames, write new and changed files.
* with -a, write all files.
* with filenames, write these.

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Revision 8a13b44e (diff)
Added by Paul Bauer almost 2 years ago

Refine FindSphinx

The FindSphinx function would not work on older versions of sphinx,
because the output from the program changed between versions. Modified
the detection logic to cover both cases.

Fixes #2751

Change-Id: I84525c5b9237d369fd78ac59b763e063456571e2


#1 Updated by Paul Bauer almost 2 years ago

This seems to be the case because the sphinx version is (relatively) ancient compared to what we are currently checking for.
The more modern versions print less information for this case. I need to update the script to take this into account.

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