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Task #3370: Further improvements to GPU Buffer Ops and Comms

rework GPU direct halo-exchange related force reduction complexities

Added by Szilárd Páll about 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Force reduction is now done in two stages, if there is halo exchange CPU contribution is already reduced with communicated data early, while in other cases the transfer of force this happens later. The current mechanism also relies on position-dependent code with leading to implicit dependencies rather than explicit event-based sync with a record closely succeeding the producer and an eventWait enqueue at preceding the consumer task.

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Revision 54c24729 (diff)
Added by Alan Gray about 1 year ago

GPU Force Halo Exchange

Activate with GMX_GPU_DD_COMMS environment variable.

Extends GPU Halo exchange feature to provide GPU Force halo exchange
functionality. Does not yet support virial steps, which require an
extra shift force reduction - these are currently performed on the
non-buffer ops / non direct-comm path. Also has same limitations as
coordinate halo exchange.

Performs part of #2890. Future work to improve synchronization towards
a more one-sided scheme (#3092) and to make depenencies more
explicit (#3093)

Change-Id: Ifc23cc8db2655f7258e68b34e7cdc7b71994e1e8

Revision 8a0d4d97 (diff)
Added by Szilárd Páll 12 months ago

Enable StatePropagatorGpuData for force transfers

Force transfers have been switched to use StatePropagatorGpuData already
before. This change updates the synchronization mechanisms as:
- replaces the previous stream sync after GPU buffer/ops reduction with
a waitForcesReadyOnHost call;
- removes the barriers in copyForces[From|To]Gpu() as dependencies
are now satisfied: most dependencies are intra-stream and therefore
implicit, the exception being the halo exchange that uses its own
mechanism to sync H2D in the local stream with the nonlocal stream
(which is yet to be replaces Refs #3093).

Refs. #3126.

Change-Id: I8bfd39f79c87f20492c4ae287d6f19261724f806

Revision 7073b54d (diff)
Added by Alan Gray 10 months ago

Event-based Dependency for GPU Force Halo Exchange

Introduces new event recorded when exchanged forces are ready on GPU,
and passes this into force buffer ops using dependencyList. Removes previous
mechanism of forcing local stream to wait on non-local stream.

Addresses part of #3093
Refs #3194

Change-Id: I768898839e5c6a653894d5eb80354f0e423e06ed


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what is the

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#5 Updated by Szilárd Páll 11 months ago

Alan Gray wrote:

Addressed in pending changes

Thanks for the update. I've just flagged the former which shows 3 additional tests failing on the gpucomm matrix compared to previous triggers.

I think we need to fix correctness issues of the code before we can really move forward with new changes.

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has this here been resolved?

#7 Updated by Szilárd Páll 10 months ago

Paul Bauer wrote:

has this here been resolved?

Partly, but not fully. We still have a conditionality of when do we upload local forces to the GPU based on the code-path, which I think is undesired code complexity. There is however no room for this in the release branch. Should be bumped to later (but preferably not to "infrastructure-stable").

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bumped to a 2021 target

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Re-opening and moving to subtask of #3370, so we don't lose the discussion.

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