Bug #615

genion writes a log file

Added by Justin Lemkul almost 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

preprocessing (pdb2gmx,grompp)
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Posted to the list, but got no reply:

Looks like the .tpr file is interpreted as being for a simulation instead of just adding ions. This output .log file is useless, and probably would confuse new users so it should be eliminated. Problem is reproducible in 4.5.2 and 4.5.3, but those versions aren't in the list so I indicated git since it's newer than 4.5.1.

Related issues

Related to GROMACS - Feature #1236: deprecate genion non-random insertion of ionsClosed05/01/2013

Associated revisions

Revision 9b57187d (diff)
Added by Pedro Lacerda over 7 years ago

Various fixes for genion

Remove genion non-random insertion of ions, by side effect it stops
writting useless log file. This commit also warns user about -conc
option overriding -nn or -np.

Fixes #1236, #615, and #1208

Change-Id: Icb7e411cda10abb3a7fea4137534f253b0777def


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Writing a .log file is probably an artefact of the genion feature to place ions where the potential suggests. That's been stated as buggy since at least 2006. So I will propose to deprecate that feature, and now it will be trivial to avoid writing a useless .log file for genion.

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