Feature #3038

Updated by Eric Irrgang over 1 year ago

This issue is a parent for several improvements to the MD plugin development environment laid out in @sample_restraint@ is a project that can be forked as the starting point for developing GROMACS 2019 compatible MD plugins for use with gmxapi 0.0.7. For GROMACS 2020 and beyond, the primary source code will be managed under the GROMACS repository. Several improvements are necessary for ongoing GROMACS compatibility and to improve the experience of plugin developers.

* Create a new skeleton repository that researchers can clone to get the python_packaging/sample_restraint subtree, plus additional project helpers.
* Improve documentation and set-up of the new project, such as with "CookieCutter": wrapping.
* Add more call signatures and use cases for restraint calculation.
* Update various internals to use modern GROMACS facilities and features.
* Extract boiler plate to template headers.
* Modernize expression of inputs, outputs, and factory functions, as enabled in core GROMACS.
* Prepare template headers to be moved to the GROMACS installed headers (to be moved in GROMACS 2021)
* Improve documentation and documentation integration with GROMACS manuals.

Relates to #2896 and #3027