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h1. Release checklist

* add new redmine version targets
* bump bugs that won't get fixed in time to next version (or untag a version number)
* merge in appropriate branches from earlier releases
* announce release schedule - give devs a week or two to fix things they intended to fix, provide links to gerrit and redmine pages for that branch/version
* bump shared object minor version for point releases
consider bumping shared object major version for point releases - see cmake/gmxVersionInfo.cmake for policy
* check for new GROMACS papers that should be mentioned in source and manual
* run release workflow a few days in advance to check things work - this also builds the tarball correctly, when the RELEASE checkbox is ticked, which we need for updating the REGRESSIONTEST_MD5SUM in cmake/gmxVersionInfo.cmake - TODO automate this along the lines of the regressiontests auto-builder
* Mark get that script out: upload source tarball to FTP site, give correct permissions, check link works.
* update News on front of GROMACS web page -
* TODO make notes of what goes into this commit and the one that follows the tagged commit - tag the commit from which the tarball was made, and do explicit upload to repo, also update REGRESSIONTEST_BRANCH if needed (major release), sometimes bump GMX_VERSION_* variables release)
* once the gerrit change is submitted and the release email sent, make tag of the correct form in local repo
bump version in cmake/gmxVersionInfo.cmake git in the commit following the tag.
* add new stub file for release notes for next version, and entry in index.rst
* git
push --tags tags to gerrit repo
* later, check tags propagate to gromacs and github
* post on gmx-users and gmx-announce.
* post on Google+ and Facebook pages
* thank gmx-developers gmx-developers.
* bump/close/update open redmine issues
* close completed redmine versions
* beer

TODO some recent examples of post-release emails