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01:27 PM GROMACS Bug #3408 (Fix uploaded): Gmxapi* tests segfault in rpmbuild
Has this been satisfactorily resolved?
11:10 AM GROMACS Revision 9ccc92dd: Extract logic for when CI jobs execute.
Introduce `.rules:<condition>` mix-ins to assert when jobs should run.
Change-Id: I1bd74f347fb8e19ddc49dee2d173520dc...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision b75f9e4b: Normalize some more job names.
Also moves a few jobs between files as seems appropriate.
Eliminates some trivially inherited jobs.
Change-Id: Ib8e9...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision f832b287: Simplify archive.gitlab-ci.yml
Merge some trivially inherited jobs.
Change-Id: Id0a3a998bf5fa3f08db0dccb7da1aadb4f2902a0
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision 76bc730c: Remove redundant jobs.
Remove distinction between jobs that do and do not stage a build of the
gmxapi Python package in the build tree for A...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision 640f4923: Fix duplicate variables parameter.
Defining the variables parameter twice hurts readability and may have
undefined behavior.
Change-Id: I2b22f896282372...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision bfc42209: Add required Infrastructure for Gitlab merges
Also adds runs for regressiontests to normal CI.
Change-Id: I7bcb62cd3f2120f1d2e80b2f8a2ec1e328626902
(cherry picked...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision 2f510e80: Normalize naming for gromacs build/testing jobs.
* Rename testing-matrix.gitlab-ci.yml to gromacs.gitlab-ci.yml
* Use a prefix of "gromacs" for jobs that manage the C...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision 12d40b25: Remove some unnecessary indirection in job definitions.
Some job templates were only used once or only existed to extend a
single parent. Other templates became trivial when...
10:46 AM GROMACS Revision 811301e5: Consolidate .use-clangX CI job mix-in.
* Merge .build-clang-template and .clang-before-script-template into
* Replace .clangX-template wit...

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