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02:23 AM GROMACS Bug #3151 (In Progress): integrator md-vv does not print at nstlog


12:21 AM GROMACS Revision d18aabe6: Remove dependence of mdoutf_write_to_trajectory_files on global top
mdoutf_write_to_trajectory_files is currently taking the full global
topology object as input, but uses only the numb...
08:25 PM GROMACS Revision 66bf1a79: Rename Integrator class
This renames the `Integrator` class to `Simulator`, which does not
actually represent integrators, but rather types o...


08:04 PM GROMACS Task #2943: Rename Integrator
re: mdp-option - how about simulation-algorithm?


04:39 AM GROMACS Revision 29616660: Use Python 3
This updates the Python scripts shipped with GROMACS to use Python 3.5+.
Most changes done are either due to `__cmp__...


08:40 AM GROMACS Task #2943: Rename Integrator
(My favorite would probably be *SimulationRunner*, but this seems a bit close to the runner we already have one level...
08:39 AM GROMACS Task #2943 (New): Rename Integrator
In the current code, the name _Integrator_ is used for the class of the object owning the family of functions running...


04:50 AM GROMACS Revision 1b1abdba: Failproof signal conversion
When introducing the signal handlers, we decided to use scoped enums to
define the different simulation signals (chan...


05:21 PM GROMACS Bug #2417: Physical validation tests fail with default installation
Which version did you observe the problem with? 2018.1? Any other?
04:25 PM GROMACS Bug #2417: Physical validation tests fail with default installation
Yes, I can't reproduce it with release-2019 either. I would still like to move to a newer version of the package (and...

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