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02:05 PM GROMACS Revision c05425ba: Move methods out from trjconv
Moves some functions out of trjconv to allow access in other tools as
well. This change is just code movement.


02:40 PM GROMACS Task #3036 (New): Allow logger streams to be exchanged after creation of a logger
A central logging handle will likely be created before all streams and/or output files are available to for the logge...
02:38 PM GROMACS Task #3035 (New): Provide central logger in wrapper binary
Having a central point for accessing a logging handle in the wrapper binary will allow universal access to the shared...


09:40 AM GROMACS Bug #2972 (Closed): small bug in anaeig when comparing two eigenvector files


10:31 AM GROMACS Revision 79963167: Fix link to acpype repository
Fix as reported on the user mailing list.
Change-Id: Ifdba6a60857360346653d3c9caaa929094bebae5
09:46 AM GROMACS Revision 2345babc: Fix postsubmit
Fix unstable post submit matrix by removing unused member functions in
constraint tests.
Change-Id: I156e8b1e6b1689a...


01:44 PM GROMACS Bug #2950: wrong temperature reported at end of sim with uneven number of steps
so, investigating further I found that the only thing significantly diverging between the average and final write ste...
12:59 PM GROMACS Bug #2950 (Accepted): wrong temperature reported at end of sim with uneven number of steps
I just reproduced this with 3333 steps in a debug build on my machine.
11:16 AM GROMACS Revision 2f5fdc2d: Fix issues found by clang-tidy 7
Same issues as found for the master branch after switching the build
to run on a different machine.
Change-Id: Icf75...
10:04 AM GROMACS Bug #2949: cmake fails when building mdrun only
I can't reproduce this with the current HEAD of 2019 on my machine. Can you check if it is still an issue for you wit...

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