Kevin Boyd





11:27 PM GROMACS Bug #3051 (Rejected): Minimization hangs with constraints and soft-core potentials
Minimization stops at step 0 and does not exit in a coarse-grained system with constraints and soft-core potentials. ...


10:15 AM GROMACS Revision 6941eb5a: Add transpose operation to Matrix3x3
refs #2976
Change-Id: I8f0ce04b18be1e8b119de02cb6b52b3314cd67eb
05:56 AM GROMACS Task #2976: Basic math for Multidimensional arrays
There are a few composite functions which are used once or twice that I'm not sure are worth reimplementing for matri...


07:57 AM GROMACS Revision 6ca5b0d8: Modernize syntax of enable_if and traits to use _t helpers
From c++ 14, "typename std::enable_if<something>::type"
can be reduced to


08:22 AM GROMACS Revision 0b95cdce: Use const views in matrix determinant calculation
Reduces scope of the matrix.h implementation to just reals
Change-Id: Ide66967b35ffc58b3e61c403d3ce1862b5f5b8ca
08:22 AM GROMACS Revision b0bced27: Add trace functionality to 3x3 matrices
Replacement for vec.h trace
Change-Id: I5c452cb36bab277ffcb3f2f9645d3d025a1805a8
08:09 AM GROMACS Revision d3190b9c: Clean up gmx solvate
Changed c-style struct to C++ with defaults, and changed a char*
field to a string.
Used vector instead of pointer a...


09:53 AM GROMACS Revision 30b399fb: Add implicit conversion of mdspan-containing types to mdspan.
Analagous to arrayRef function args taking vectors, arrays as input
Change-Id: I701f6373592cdf4d30649041ffe8dee76423...


07:15 PM GROMACS Revision 39509855: Change error message when attempting to offload to nonexistent GPUs
A user could interpret the error as no interactions detected rather
than no GPUs
Change-Id: Iedcc4555313edbb84a504bf...
05:21 AM GROMACS Bug #3023: Segmentation Fault when using pull-group1-pbcatom = -1 option
This is caused by a pull_group_work_t->localWeights vector being empty and having an index set

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