Mark Abraham





04:04 PM GROMACS Revision 17ca500c: Add gpubufferops test matrix
This commit teaches Jenkins to understand how to enable the GPU buffer
ops environment variable that is the feature f...


03:24 PM GROMACS Revision f72ba08a: Fix pre-submit build matrix and description
Pre-submit should not fail because the ftp server is not reachable, so
moved it to nightly matrix. Also recorded the ...


09:33 AM GROMACS Revision 592b6c20: Fix hwloc and sphinx detection
These were too noisy and were not implemented efficiently (e.g. not
caching the result of execute process). If an env...
09:32 AM GROMACS Revision 45d5e3d7: Test specific hwloc versions
Now that releng understands the installed hwloc versions, we can
specify those in the matrix configurations. We can a...


03:03 PM GROMACS Bug #3024: Bad logic for Sphinx detection CMake output
GMX_DEVELOPER_BUILD does interact with the tests build (the "all" target now also includes tests) and I think it trig...
02:57 PM GROMACS Feature #2615: Switch to Python3
I have seen similar issues, and different ones when the machine didn't have python3 at all. Perhaps that was related ...
02:19 PM GROMACS Task #3009 (Resolved): upgrage 2020 testing matrix with CUDA 10.1
10:09 AM GROMACS Revision 6d0ed8b7: Improve tests of index block construction
Only trivial topologies were tested, and bugs have been
identified. Some test code is commented out until the fix lan...
09:15 AM GROMACS Revision 43512398: Modernize FindHwloc.cmake
Users (and Jenkins) need the ability to direct finding a particular
hwloc version, e.g. from a module. This is partic...


01:52 PM GROMACS Revision a9c55606: Further clang-tidy-7 fix
Change-Id: Ic2915148e6822f10fec6288f29aee55cddacf0f7

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