Mark Abraham





06:29 PM GROMACS Revision d2ba568a: Restored the comment
We can keep the comment in its most useful form while avoiding the warning.


05:36 PM GROMACS Revision dcabfdb7: WIP: Finish removing compile_cpp_as_cuda
The definition can now be removed, and a comment updated.
Test code can use the same approach where needed.


09:53 AM GROMACS Revision 83525170: Fix atomics configure test
The previous code used an approach to setting the include path for
TEST_ATOMICS test that did not work if the path ha...


03:21 PM GROMACS Revision 22298866: Make Cygwin build work
Originally CMake didn't provide C++ language version flags, so GROMACS
managed that itself. Now that GROMACS lets CMa...


01:28 PM GROMACS Revision 2d7f6a94: Remove bundled FindCUDA.cmake
We bundle FindCUDA so we can suppress warnings in CI testing. In user
space, we always use the FindCUDA from the cmak...
11:24 AM GROMACS Revision fa5a87d9: Fix compiler flag reporting
The C, C++ and CUDA compiler flag reporting didn't mention those added
by cmake from the build configuration, even th...


03:16 PM GROMACS Revision 78977d72: Update cmake version for docs container
Currently the nightly docs build fails because of
the bumped cmake requirement.
10:27 AM GROMACS Revision 10893af7: Baseline commit
This just checks that the pipeline failure in #3507 does reproduce
before I start changing things that matter.
08:23 AM GROMACS Revision f4903a7b: Fixed several clang-tidy issues
A static variable was vulnerable to static-init-order-fiasco. Tests
will still perform OK even with constructing the...


02:08 PM GROMACS Revision 58fb49a1: Improved some logic in do_force
This helps the analyzer to understand that it should not just assume
that stateGpu can be a nullptr. The new logic is...

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