Mark Abraham





09:03 AM GROMACS Revision 8f33ef9e: Fix mdrun-only build
Recent changes to include path setup didn't handle the mdrun-only
build. The name clash between the new src/gromacs/m...


05:58 PM GROMACS Revision 2a52199e: Stop GoogleTest requiring ancient CMake minimum versions
In practice the version is always new enough, and avoiding the
redundant minimum specifications means GROMACS develop...


10:54 AM GROMACS Revision 6439b168: Add move operations to GpuHaloExchange
This avoids needing to put the objects in a unique_ptr to put them in
a container. Also made a collection of them use...


12:03 PM GROMACS Revision 3f48e8a4: Stop showing wrong README on GitHub front page
09:00 AM GROMACS Revision 9f4618af: Improve issues with CUDA interacting with std flags
GCC 7 needs a work-around just like older CUDA does.
Removed unnecessary use of C++17 features in compat/pointers.h ...


04:40 PM GROMACS Revision 774c2359: Fix use of config.h in halo exchange tests
03:16 PM GROMACS Revision 9a68adc1: Remove logging from hardware detection
This should be deferred to separate responsibilities, in particular
so that hardware detection can run before logging...


03:36 PM GROMACS Revision 5bfbbc5a: Merge branch release-2021


03:09 PM GROMACS Revision b6172240: Compile host code with c++14 where needed
CUDA doesn't support C++17 compilation before 10.2
08:02 AM GROMACS Revision 741976e3: Suppress warnings from clang with nvcc more widely
The original fix wasn't applied widely enough, probably because of
caching of compiler flags when I tested more recen...

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