Mark Abraham





04:33 AM GROMACS Revision ae52c179: Update infrastructure needed for restart rewrite
These changes are things that might be generally useful, and are
planned for use in refactoring of handleRestart.


01:19 PM GROMACS Wiki edit: May_13_2019 (#3)
01:16 PM GROMACS Wiki edit: May_13_2019 (#2)
01:05 PM GROMACS Wiki edit: May_13_2019 (#1)
12:45 PM GROMACS Wiki edit: Stockholm_team_meeting_minutes (#25)


03:04 PM GROMACS Bug #2947: mdrun segfaults when trying to use membed
pro tip, write @commit:2w3scxc9@ and you get a link to the git repo behind redmine


05:56 PM GROMACS Task #2943: Rename Integrator
The brains trust met in the dev telco today. The high level thing we will call Simulator, the microstate level thing ...
05:50 PM GROMACS Feature #2944: Roadmap for thermostats / barostats in new propagation/integration scheme
We mooted at the dev telco that we should invite dev+user feedback in a post that describes the issues known with N-H...
05:46 PM GROMACS Feature #2615: Switch to Python3
We mooted in the dev telco that python 3.5 sounds like a good minimum to require for GROMACS 2020. We want to balance...
11:02 AM GROMACS Revision 165365c9: Provide hook for forks of GROMACS to describe themselves
This will help everybody understand which version of GROMACS is being
used because a description ends up in the log f...

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