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02:02 PM GROMACS Task #3370: Further improvements to GPU Buffer Ops and Comms
OK, noted. I will update the existing patches in gerrit accordingly.
10:04 AM GROMACS Task #3370: Further improvements to GPU Buffer Ops and Comms
The idea is to try and simplify the logic in do_force (and do_md) by unifying flags and ultimately code-paths, to imp...
09:34 AM GROMACS Feature #2817: GPU X/F buffer ops
I had already moved the TODO into ("Force buffer op and reduction cleanup/imp...


09:15 PM GROMACS Task #3106 (Closed): Implement multiple pulses with GPU communication
Merged in


12:48 PM GROMACS Feature #2915 (In Progress): GPU direct communications
12:47 PM GROMACS Feature #2816 (Closed): GPU offload / optimization for update&constraits, buffer ops and multi-gpu communication
Closing this old parent task, superseded by new large tasks listed here:
12:45 PM GROMACS Task #3180: Remove extra D2H and H2D copies of coordinates when the COM motion is compensated.
Moving out of old parent task, so I can close it. Artem, does this best belong in one of your new umbrella tasks?
12:41 PM GROMACS Feature #2890 (In Progress): GPU Halo Exchange
12:40 PM GROMACS Feature #2891 (In Progress): PME/PP GPU communications
12:38 PM GROMACS Task #2965 (In Progress): Performance of GPU direct communications

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